How's it going in Deloitte?

Consulting @ Deloitte

The application process at Deloitte is two-stage and is divided into "First Round" and "Final Round". The company's application days usually take place on a Friday. Getting to know each other starts with a brief company presentation about Deloitte. Applicants have the opportunity to ask their first questions here. This is followed by three rounds of interviews consisting of a personal fit interview and two case interviews.

The Fit interview takes 30 minutes and serves the purpose of getting to know the applicants better. Deloitte not only asks about academic and professional backgrounds, but is also interested in the applicants' expectations and motivation to become part of Deloitte. The conversation also offers the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the company and the work as a consultant.

What is important in the case interviews? The focus here is not only on your analytical skills. You should also be able to juggle numbers well and develop solution concepts for complex questions. The starting point for each of the two case interviews is a written case study from everyday consulting. Applicants have 30 minutes to prepare and then receive 45 minutes for the actual case interview, which is in English. As part of the conversation, there is an exchange with a consultant from Deloitte about the case. If necessary, questions about your résumé are also possible.

If you have applied for an internship and have convinced all of the interviewees in the interviews, you have reached your goal and at the end of the "first round" you will receive an internship offer. For candidates who are aiming for a permanent position at Deloitte, there is the “Final Round”.

In some cases this takes place immediately after the first round. However, the “Final Round” can also be scheduled on another day - both scenarios are possible. Here applicants have the opportunity to show what analytical skills they have. You will receive one hour of preparation time, which is used to familiarize yourself with and analyze an assigned question. A group presentation of the results will then take place. You not only lead the group consisting of your competitors during the discussion, but also make a constructive contribution to the conversation.

The Deloitte interviewers observe the course of the discussion before the final stage of the application process is finally on the agenda. If you manage to convince a: n Deloitte partner: in or director during the interview, you have made it and will receive ajob offer from Deloitte.