How does life feel in California

10 things about the California lifestyle!

Breathtaking mountain ranges and vast deserts. Magical forests with the tallest trees in the world and legendary American cities of dreams - Los Angeles and San Francisco - as well as the Pacific with beautiful beaches. All of that is California. A mecca for surfers and casual coolness, which, like the legendary waves, is a trademark of the particularly fascinating culture. A culture full of diversity, activities, creative energy and zest for life - a culture full of passion, trends and culinary delicacies. We present 10 most characteristic manifestations of the Californian lifestyle.

Danger! Thrilling and enjoyable!


1. Cultural facet
California is one of the most ethnically diverse states of the USA and the strong roots of the many nationalities form a unique mosaic of architecture, culinary arts, customs, trends and artistic movements. This multi-faceted and distinct identity creates a unique, Californian culture based on openness and tolerance.

2. Freedom and coolness
Savor everyday life, marvel at beautiful landscapes and enjoy the sea breeze, feel and internalize nonchalance and freedom - all of this on paradisiacal beaches, in picturesque coastal pubs, in the midst of breathtaking nature, whether at home or at work. The third largest state is also famous for its creative industry. One does not associate California and the culture there with a strong sense of individuality and a life in harmony with one's own liberal convictions with regard to politics, economy and morals.

3. Variety of flavors
Californian cuisine combines American and Mexican tradition with Mediterranean and Asian accents. In addition, there is the trend towards a healthy lifestyle with organic food and the strong urge for seasonal products. Then there are the fine, local wines that no one would suspect to be in California. A true paradise for gourmets who prefer to dine from a group, as enjoying social food is just as important as the delicacies themselves - that is exactly what California Lifestyle is!

You can now experience the variety of flavors of Californian cuisine and a touch of California lifestyle in the Mavericks Cracow restaurant. Definitely try it out!

4. Food truck
Vegan pubs, luxury restaurants or maybe a sandwich at the takeaway? The characteristic of the culinary west coast are not only exquisite dishes that combine the influences of the different continents, but also the numerous, popular food trucks. Ideal for snacks in between, whether on the beach or between the hustle and bustle of the streets. Both in large metropolises and in small holiday resorts.

5. Surf
The breathtaking landscapes of the west coast with sharp cliffs, foamy, turquoise Pacific, wide bays and dreamy beaches attract not only millions of tourists, but above all (local) surfers. The passion of wild surfing fits perfectly into the liberal spirit of California. The mix of relaxation on the beach, adrenaline, the urge for harmony and harmony, plus unique fashion, music and a healthy lifestyle - that is a true surfer lifestyle.
The wind over the Pacific Ocean offers excellent conditions for surfing. Just such a place is Mavericks - the stronghold of surfers, where waves up to 24 m high and enchant every athlete's heart. It is from this place that the name of the Mavericks Cracow restaurant, which opened in May 2018 in Krakow city center, is derived.


6. Artistic scene
California also stands for street art, murals, vibrant centers for contemporary art and loads of galleries and artists from various scenes. That means a colorful mixture of different currents and bohemians, in short: a unique artistic climate.

7. Music and Stars
California's Los Angeles is considered the creative capital of the world and the center of the film and entertainment industry. But the city isn't just a hotspot for Hollywood stars. California is also a great legend of the rock music scene. Members of bands like "The Doors", "The Eagles" or "Guns N 'Roses" were born here. The sound of Californian culture was therefore clearly shaped by alternative music.


8. Endless expanses of wilderness
The wild nature of the west coast is made up of paradisiacal beaches, mountain ranges, beautiful forests and endless deserts in the famous Death Valley. Breathtaking, but often dangerous places that lure lovers of adventure into nature in order to escape from everyday life and the stress of the big city.


9. Hippies, hipsters, community
Once loved by hippies and now loved by hipsters, the culturally colorful as well as creative and alternative millieus that are characterized by a strong sense of community are here.
California and its culture means openness, eating together and experiencing adventure together. It is the joy of life and human relationships, a relaxed and respectful togetherness.

10. Healthy life
Active, healthy and environmentally friendly living, as well as unprocessed foods like
Fruit and vegetables are extremely popular on the west coast. As different as California is, so are the diets, which, as mentioned, are an important part of culture.
In a fabulous place like California, you just want to experience life and everyday life consciously and make it something special. This is done by celebrating meals, by letting yourself be carried away by the hustle and bustle of passion for life, showing joy in the environment and nature and ultimately remaining yourself and individual.

And? It's hard not to surf the wave of California freedom, too, isn't it?


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