What is your wasted talent

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An 8th category, known as intellectual capital, the cost of wasted talent, is also sometimes used.
Also, an eighth category is sometimes used, called intellectual capital, the cost of wasted talent.

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These lines pertain to you, who still has a tendency to put your light under the umbrella and who believes to have wasted your talents instead of having increased them.
These lines concern you, who you still tend to put your own light under the screen, and who you believe is yours Wasted talent instead of having increased.
I'm sorry about Tsubasa. A fine talent wasted.
Tanabe is unbelievable for us suffering.
You're a very complicated young woman and I just don't like to see your talent wasted on projects like Brennan.
You are a very diverse young woman and I don't want to watch you talent to projects like Brennan wasted becomes.
Sadly, there is also quite some talent wasted in this action film, if nothing else that of lead actor Sol Kyung-gu.
Unfortunately, there is a lot going on in this action film Wasted talent, not least that of leading actor Sol Kyung-gu.
I think your true talents are wasted on them.
Lastly, I believe it is vital to promote equal opportunities in access to university so that no fraction of European talent is wasted.
Finally, I am convinced that it is absolutely necessary to promote equal opportunities for access to universities, so that none of the European opportunities are promoted Wasted talent becomes.
Indeed, you don't, but your talents are wasted here.
My talents are wasted on your aunt's meager diet.
I understand you were bored.
I just think it's a shame to see a man with your talents wasted on a job that's beneath him.
I just think it's a shame to have a man with yours Talents, wasted to see a job beneath his dignity.
Anyone else think that Tucker's talents are wasted here?
But the long-term success or failure of the deal rests with Seguin, who either becomes yet another cautionary tale of talent wasted on a misguided young player or the next Patrick Kane reclamation project.
But the long-term success or failure of the deal rests with Seguin, who will be yet another cautionary example of either Talents on a misguided young player or the next Patrick Kane dike project wasted.
If they cannot work, study, create enterprises and even volunteer because of legal or administrative obstacles, or because they have no affordable opportunities to learn our language, we still need to find a way to avoid lives and talents being wasted.
When legal and administrative obstacles or lack of language learning opportunities mean that they are not allowed to work, study, start businesses or even volunteer, we need to find ways to make life and that talent these people don't wasted become.
Where everyone is included and no talents are ignored or wasted.
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