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How people find your local business on Google Maps

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For local companies, meaningful entries on Google Maps are now a must, as the online map service is the central point of contact for users looking for local service providers. It is also crucial for success to enter businesses on Google Maps, e.g. B. locally operating flower, fashion or book shops.

In view of the dominance of the Google concern, it is hardly surprising that it has long since overtaken the former market leaders (e.g. yellow pages) in the category of business directories. To put it bluntly, companies and businesses that do not actively maintain their Google Maps entry with all the necessary data lose a lot of visibility when it comes to searches on the search engine giant.

In the following article you will learn how users can find your local company on Google Maps and how you can improve the visibility of your company using a profile in this online service. You can also read how to change and delete Google Maps entries.

Step 1: Enter your local company on Google Maps

Many roads lead to Rome. The entry on Google Maps for a local company or business can also be done in different ways.

Option 1: Set up your entry via Google My Business

The first and most important requirement for the entry on the online map service is a Google account: Create this with your company contact details. Then set up an account in the comprehensive Google My Business (GMB) platform. Enter your business e-mail address and all the necessary information such as B. Name, address and contact details of your company.

When setting up your Google My Business account, you may be asked to mark the geographic location of your company on a map. Alternatively, if you do not have a physical location, you can enter your catchment area.

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Variant 2: Take over existing Google Maps entries or add new ones

On Google Maps, first check whether an entry for your company already exists by entering its address in the search field. This is often the case with companies for which Google can use data from other online business directories (e.g. doctors and medical portals): Google automatically creates the entry with all available information in a card entry. You can then use the “Register as owner” field to claim this Google Maps entry for yourself and, after verification, manage it in full.

In some cases your company can be found on Google Maps, but the question of ownership remains unanswered. Instead, you can just “propose a change”. Then someone else has secured the ad for your company with this service. Contact the previous owner and / or submit a request to inform Google that it is now legally your company. The search engine operator will then review your application within seven days. (More information on taking ownership).

If you cannot find an automatically generated entry for your company in Google Maps, first right-click on the exact map position. Then click on “Add company” in the drop-down menu and select your company or add a new one.

Alternatively, you can enter the address of your company in the search field on Google Maps (Musterstrasse 17, postcode Musterstadt) and then add your company via the menu item “Add company”.

Step 2: Maintain your entry on Google Maps

If you can log into your Google My Business account regularly after a successful verification, it is advisable to optimize your company entry by completing your company data and information. The ongoing maintenance of your Google My Business account has an impact on the one hand on the search results on this search engine and on the other hand on the findability of your company on Google Maps.

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The usual entry under Google Maps mainly lists information such as location data, address, contact details, labels, reviews, opening times and pictures. After the owner has taken over the Google My Business account, this data is retrieved directly from the Google My Business account.

A tip for the right image size on Google Maps: The featured image can be cut off in the Google Maps view. It is therefore a good tip to test different image sizes to ensure that the image is cropped for both Google Maps and the knowledge panel on desktop and mobile devices.

Change your Google Maps entry

Would you like to change your company data in Google Maps? You can do this via your Google My Business account:


Log into your Google My Business account via desktop or the Android app, URL:

In the GMB menu, click on "Info."

Select the section you want to correct or click on “View on Google Maps” to correct the information directly in the Google Maps view.

Correct the existing entry or fill in empty fields.

You can make changes in GMB by clicking on the pencil symbols.

Click on “Apply”.

However, Google needs up to 60 days to publish the changes on Google Maps. So don't be alarmed if you don't see them right away.

Change your Google Maps address

Note: You do not need to set up a new company profile if you just want to change your Google Maps address.

In the event of a business move, update your address under Google My Business so that customers and prospects can find you again immediately. After an update, you will likely be prompted for confirmation.

Even if you are not the owner of the relevant Google My Business account, you can update a company address. The best thing to do is to request the access data from the owner of the entry. It is also possible to report an incorrect address to the search engine operator under Google Maps.

Manage your Google Maps entry on the go

You can use the Google My Business Android app to manage your data for your Google Maps entry from anywhere. For example, restaurant owners can see your restaurant's favorite dishes and add other items, information and links to your menu.

When changing Google Maps entries, the following should generally be observed:

  1. Always keep your data up to date
    It goes without saying that you should work with the correct information and incorporate changes promptly so that users can track your company on Google Maps. Because the search engine hates false information. If it turns out that the name, address, opening times or other contact information is incorrect, this will be punished. Incorrect information can also damage your customers' trust and leave an unprofessional impression.
  2. Illustrate your entry
    Regularly upload new photos from your company to Google My Business so that they also appear on Google Maps. You strengthen trust and show your company in various ways. Photos are also an easy and smart way to regularly update your listing. Google will consider your activities benevolently for the ranking on Google Maps and in Google search.
  3. Pay attention to the ratings (reviews)
    It is well known that customers can rate companies via Google. Positive opinions build trust. But less euphoric reviews can also be of use to your company: Reply to the comments - this shows the visitors of your entry that you are dealing with criticism and want to improve.
  4. If in doubt, follow the optimization suggestions from Google
    Via the My Business Account, Google regularly gives you tips on how your company can be found even better in the search and on Google Maps. It is advisable to respond to these suggestions. This involves, for example, the integration of external review services such as Yelp or FourSquare in the review view on Google Maps.
  5. Are you going to move?
    Check that Google has correctly marked the position of your business or location in Google Maps and correct the position if necessary. This is important for Google and the users so that the correct route appears in your Google Maps entry.

You should also note that online reviews appear prominently in the search results next to your Google Maps entry and your company's knowledge panel, which are easily visible to all users. Appropriate care and attention to your reviews and ratings via Google Maps is recommended in any case.

Step 3: Generate more visibility for your Google Maps entry

In our blog article Registering your own company on Google My Business you can read ten aspects that make your Google My Business and Google Maps company entry visible. Please also take note of the aspects mentioned earlier in this article for maintaining and optimizing your Google Maps entry. In this way you ensure that your profile will stand out in the long term in the map service.

A well-maintained corporate presence on Google My Business can also enable you to be included in the location labels on Google Maps (Google gives no guarantee here). Location labels in Google Maps show important points, attractions and companies. The selection is made via an algorithm based on numerous factors, including:

  • The relevance of the entry to the search query
  • The topicality of the entry
  • The distance to the location of the search query
  • The trustworthiness of the company

For you this means: devote time regularly to your business listing on Google Maps. Maintain and optimize it continuously, because this way you have a good chance of being included in the location label and continuing to increase the visibility of your local company with this service.

Delete Google Maps entries

Of course, it is also possible to remove company locations from this map service. After deleting the Google Maps entries, you can no longer manage them; however, they may still appear in the search engine.

Note that you do such a deletion can not revoke. If you want to administrate a company location again, you need to confirm again. In addition, you can only delete locations through Google My Business.


Delete an entry

First, you need to log into this service with the account registered with Google My Business.

Select the profile to be deleted and then "Info" in the menu on the left.

Then select: Close or remove an entry -> Remove entry->Remove

Delete multiple entries

To do this, you must also log into this service with the account registered with Google My Business.

On the home page, go to the location (s) you want to delete.

Then select: right -> Actions->Remove locations->Remove.

Delete Google Maps locations

If necessary, you can submit an application to Google to have a company location disappear from Google Maps. There are certain cases in which such a process is possible - refer to the help function of Google My Business for more information.


Go to Google Maps, and you must log in using your registered Google My Business account.

On the map, select the location you want to delete.

Now go to "Propose change“.

Activate "Report as closed or remove " and follow the instructions on the website.

Then choose "Send “.

Google will then check your entries and will probably send you information about your application and any further questions by e-mail. As soon as your process gets the green light, the Google Maps location will be deleted.

You can also report a company as closed without it being deleted. Find out more about this under the help function of Google My Business.

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