What is needed to have WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp without a SIM card - this is how it works

If you want to chat with your friends on your mobile phone, you can hardly ignore WhatsApp. To log in to Messenger, you need a mobile phone number. With a little trick, WhatsApp can also be used without a SIM card.

A WhatsApp account is linked to a phone number. During installation, the account is verified by entering the phone number. Use without a number and therefore without a SIM card is actually not intended. Nevertheless, you don't have to do without the messenger on your tablet or second smartphone.

Set up and use WhatsApp without a SIM card

Although two WhatsApp accounts can be set up on one cell phone, the other way round, one account cannot be used on two cell phones at the same time. It is therefore not possible to log in to WhatsApp on one device in order to then set up the account on another device. If a WhatsApp number is used on a cell phone, the login on the previous device is no longer valid. To bypass the SIM card requirement, you need a landline phone. To set up WhatsApp without SIM, do the following:

  1. The device for the additional WhatsApp account naturally requires an internet connection even without a SIM card. So make sure that the cell phone is connected to the WiFi or set up a WiFi hotspot on another smartphone.
  2. Install WhatsApp.
  3. Agree to the terms of use.
  4. Enter your landline number during verification. Leave out the leading "0" in the area code.
  5. Confirm your entry.
  6. After confirmation, the verification code is usually sent by SMS. However, the code cannot be received with the landline telephone. Therefore, reject the verification via SMS and have a code sent to you by phone instead. Sometimes you have to wait around 5 minutes for the SMS delivery attempt to be canceled.
  7. You will then receive an automated call in which you will be given the six-digit confirmation code by computer voice.
  8. Enter the number combination in the appropriate installation window and complete the setup.

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WhatsApp without cell phone number

You have now registered WhatsApp on the device. In order for your friends to reach you, they have to save your landline number as a WhatsApp contact.

In this detour, you can use the messenger on devices without a cellular connection, for example, or regain access to WhatsApp after your mobile phone has been stolen or lost and you cannot wait for a new SIM card to be sent to you. You also have an easy way to set up an additional WhatsApp account in case you don't want to give your correct phone number to everyone.

Elsewhere we explain to you why you should be careful if you receive a WhatsApp verification code via SMS without having re-registered.