How do I activate my new card

Activate SIM: How to activate your new card


As a rule, you cannot use a new SIM card immediately; you have to activate it. To do this, you have to proceed differently depending on the mobile operator. Netzwelt tells you how to activate your SIM card at Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and Co.

  1. Deutsche Telekom
  2. Vodafone
  3. O2
  4. Mobilcom
  5. Congstar
  6. 1&1
  7. Aldi talk

Insert the SIM card into the smartphone and start making calls and surfing straight away, putting a SIM card into operation is usually not that easy. Often the golden plastic chip has to be activated before you can use the SIM card in your devices. This is for your protection and prevents misuse if the SIM card is lost on the way to you.

Depending on the cell phone provider, there are different ways to activate the SIM card. Some providers also differentiate between prepaid and contract customers. In the following you will learn how to activate your SIM card. For activation, you will need your passport data and usually also the phone number and the number of the SIM card. The latter can be found printed directly on the plastic (see picture).

Deutsche Telekom

At Deutsche Telekom, activation of the SIM card is only required in certain cases - for example when changing to a new SIM card as part of a contract extension. Below we give you an overview of when you need to activate your SIM card and when not:

  • New customer (received SIM card by post): The SIM card is automatically activated within 24 hours of receipt.
  • New customer (SIM card obtained in the shop or at the dealer): The SIM card is activated directly in the shop.
  • Contract extension (new SIM card): SIM card must be activated by the customer.
  • Replacement card / Multi-SIM: SIM card should already be activated.
  • Prepaid: SIM card must be activated.

How do you activate your Telekom SIM? In principle, two options are available for this: the activation website of Deutsche Telekom and the service hotline. To activate the SIM card, you usually need the following: Card and phone number and your ID. Please note: There are various activation portals for contract and prepaid customers. You will find the links and phone numbers below.


If you have received a CallYa prepaid SIM card from Vodafone, you have to activate it via the provider's online portal. For this you need the SIM card number, in addition you have to leave your name and address as well as an email address. Vodafone also asks you to dial a customer password. Only with this you can later call up and change your data.

Contract customers must activate their SIM card via the Vodafone hotline. To do this, call the number from your smartphone 1 22 29 at. Important: If you already have a SIM card from the provider, call the number with the old SIM card, then switch off your mobile phone for 30 minutes, change the SIM card and switch it on again.

Anyone who uses a device with the Düsseldorf network operator's eSIM must scan the QR code on the code card received when purchasing the tariff to activate the profile.


If you received your SIM card in an O2 shop, it is already active. All you have to do is insert it into your smartphone or tablet. If you have ordered the SIM card online, it must first be activated. The same applies if you request a replacement card.

New customers can activate their SIM card from O2 on this website. Existing customers activate the "Mein O2" customer portal. Activating a SIM card at O2 takes a maximum of 24 hours.


Anyone who orders a SIM card from Mobilcom-Debitel must activate it online before using it. You can do that through this website. You will need your phone number and your identity card for this. You can activate replacement cards via the provider's online service.


Prepaid customers can activate their Congstar SIM card online. The phone number and the PUK of the SIM card are required for this. If you replace your SIM card as an existing customer, the activation must be carried out via the customer portal, you can find instructions here.


The mobile phone provider from Montabaur offers two options for activating its SIM card: Users can activate their SIM card via the 1 & 1 Control Center on the Internet under "Contracts" or they can use the app of the same name for iOS and Android.

Aldi talk

The discounter Aldi also offers mobile phone tariffs under the AldiTalk brand. You can register the provider's SIM cards in three ways: via the Internet, by letter or by telephone (01806 - 95 95 60). If you activate it over the Internet or by phone, the SIM card will be activated within six hours. However, the telephone hotline for registration is chargeable. A call costs you between 20 and 60 cents.

Lost cell phone: what can you do? Advice and measures

Have you lost your cell phone or was it stolen? You should do this immediately after losing your iPhone or Android smartphone.

If the activation of the SIM card is not in a hurry, you can also send your data to AldiTalk by letter or fax. Use this form for this.

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