Is blender free for commercial use

Blender 2.92.0

If you want to create 3D animations or 3D models, you can use the free open source software Blender fall back - whether private or commercial. Blender offers a wide range of functions and, like other professional software, requires a certain amount of training.

Range of functions

The fact that Blender is one of the best open source programs is due to the fact that the freeware leaves little to be desired when it comes to designing and modeling 3D objects and animations, so that Blender can be used for videos, images or games. The program comes with a modular user interface on which users can put together the functions, tools and features according to their own taste.

Among other functions, Blender offers object and figure sculpting with 20 different brushes or reflections, modeling with N-Gon and script support, rigging for the movement possibilities of figures, animation with sound synchronization and automatically or individually defined movements. Complex particle simulations, a complete game engine and a video editing and effects tool complete this.

If you only want to cut videos, you may be better off with other free video editing programs for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Professional tool for beginners too

The range of functions of Blender offers many design options for professionals. But Blender is also suitable for beginners, because the free freeware saves high costs that would be incurred for other tools. Our introduction to Blender makes it easier to get started with operation, which is not self-explanatory, especially for beginners. Alternatively, the Blender community can help with further tutorials that explain the basic functionality of the program, but also professional features.

Expand Blender

Blender can also be expanded beyond the existing functions. It also comes with a few add-ons that only need to be activated. If functions are missing, you can program them yourself with Python and thus influence and expand the range of functions of the software.

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