Carbonated beverages immediately become unhealthy

Are carbonated drinks unhealthy?

Water is essential to human life. Carbonated beverages such as mineral water are particularly refreshing and are an ideal thirst quencher, especially at high temperatures. 60% of Austrians prefer carbonated mineral water, around 30% think mild is best, and only 9% prefer to drink still water. Whatever you choose, they are all healthy. No harmful effects of carbon dioxide on the body are to be expected.

What does carbonic acid do?

Carbonic acid works primarily in the mouth. The tingling of the small air bubbles stimulates the taste buds on the tongue and promotes blood flow to the oral mucosa, so that the taste is even more effective. In addition, the carbonic acid stimulates the flow of saliva and accelerates digestion. Carbon dioxide added to drinks promotes shelf life. It preserves and prevents germs from spreading in the bottle after opening.

How does the carbon dioxide get into the drink?

Mineral water is obtained directly from the spring. In Austria there are more than 30 natural mineral water springs that gush continuously. The water slowly seeps through deep layers of rock, washing minerals from the rock in the process. If the water comes into contact with cold magma masses, it absorbs the carbon dioxide that escapes from them. The content of minerals and carbonic acid ultimately determines the taste. Depending on the desired end product, further carbon dioxide can be added to the water during bottling.

It depends on the amount

The carbon dioxide is broken down again in the body, and a small part escapes through belching. However, if carbonated drinks are consumed in excess, this creates an unpleasant feeling of fullness or the body reacts with flatulence. Only people with pre-existing stomach problems such as heartburn or gastritis should avoid carbon dioxide. It can stimulate the production of stomach acid and thus exacerbate existing symptoms.


Carbon dioxide has no harmful effects on health. The digestibility and personal taste are decisive. Those who tolerate carbonated drinks well can drink them without hesitation.

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