What is the Mi Flash Unlock Tool

Wed 6 Unlock problems with MI Unlock Tool

Hello everyone, I have had the MI6 with a China stable beta SW version MiUI for a week
This works very well, but I would have liked to have flashed the off. Global Stable ROM so that my installed apps are in German.

The attempt to flash the zip via the update tool did not work, the update could not be verified.

So the way has to be unlocked via bootloader, followed by flashing via Fastboot with MIFLASH.
(thanks to the USER for the tips in other forums)
To be honest, I don't think Xioami is good because I was on an official stable.

So the unlock according to the instructions on the Tradingshenzen page requested via the corresponding page.
And the settings on the phone (MI account, log on to the MI account, debugging, unlock status on MI6, etc.) were also carried out.

after requesting it on the Xiaomi site you immediately get,
a 1. SMS (confirmation SMS) with a code where it says that this would only be valid for 5 minutes.
I thought that would be the SMS with the activation, as my device had already been registered with the MI account for 72 hours.

Error, this is just a confirmation email that the request for activation has been received.
This morning I got a 2nd SMS with the real release and a request to download the MI Unlock-Tool.

I had already downloaded the complete package with the Unlock Tool etc. on the Trading Shenzen site in advance, so that was not necessary.

Now to the real problem:
On my computer on the job, I can open the unlock tool after logging into the MI account
always comes "Network Error" see appendix.
Registration with the Mi-ID / telephone number / email address and switching from LAN to WLAN were unfortunately unsuccessful!
I thought, maybe the company firewall is blocking the tool?

Comment at work, I can log into my account via browser but on the Xiaomi page !!

Well I thought ok, I'll try At home on the stand computer which is connected via LAN.

That'll be puff cake here exe file from the unlock tool as corruptet / infected reported. see Appendix.
So firewall and virus scanner switched off, unfortunately the result is the same, I can't get any further and don't know what I can do!
Virus check was negative anyway!
Windows Firewall is switched off anyway in the exceptions added.
Research on Google for the error message did not lead to any further results for some users on any games.
Has something to do with the verification of the file, after reinstallation it was ok.
In our case, as far as I know, it is not installed at all? At least I don't see anything under programs.

Unfortunately I am a little perplexed now, and hope for your support and tips.
Attention tried on 2 computers Company with firewall / at home Private computer Comodo Internet Security installed, but everything switched off!

Thank you in advance.


  • network error neu.jpg
  • Mi Flash Unlock tool error message corrupted.JPG