What is the Illuminati 13

Every 28 years, the heads of the 13 families that have emerged from the satanic bloodlines meet for a banquet at which the devil appears personally and gives them the guidelines for the next few years on the way to the New World Order, including the prince of the Darkness only proceeds in partial steps. He comes closer to his goal of world domination through blood sacrifices, the decimation of humanity, chemtrails, general chaos and the Third World War. Of the 13 families already ruling the world, all are Illuminati and most are Jewish; everyone knows one of them: the Rothschilds. The 13 families use torture to program their children to turn them into real Satan's roast.

In which nuthouse does the inventor and propagator of this anti-Semitic horror fairy tale sit? Well, none of them unless you want to call the internet a madhouse (which might be debatable, Robin de Ruiter, who this is about, has over 77,000 followers).

Robin de Ruiter was born in 1951 in Enschede, the Netherlands, studied theology and history in Spain, worked as a journalist and finally wrote the books that are at stake here: "The secret power behind the Jehovah's Witnesses" (1994; from the book: "In addition to the connections that exist between Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasonry, the exercise of spiritualistic practices in the top management of the Watchtower Society and the use of thousands of subliminal messages and satanic symbols in their publications, this will be the first time a stimulating contribution to the ongoing debate about the secret Powers behind this dangerous sect supplied. ")," In the name of the New World Order. September 11, 2001 and other crimes against humanity [Subtitle addition on the outer title page alone: ​​The Diet of George W. Bush] "(2004), in on page 114 an assertion is made that everyone has heard before without knowing its author, Ruiter nen: "It is noteworthy that with the international media announcing the attack on the World Trade Center, the 4,500 Jews and Israelis who work in these two towers have been deplored. After it became known that almost none of them showed up at work that day, suddenly there was no more talk about this group. Arab diplomatic agencies revealed to the Jordanian newspaper Al-Watah that the Israelis' absence from work on the day of the disaster was based on indications from the Israeli security apparatus of the Shabak. The newspaper Jordanian al-Watan reports, citing information from diplomatic circles, that there was a warning from Shabak. "," Adolf Hitler - Chronicle of his escape from Berlin with the help of the British secret service "(2012, by neo-Nazis as" re-education literature in anti-German! ")," Who murdered Slobodan Milosevic ... and why? "(2016) and finally" The 13 Satanic Bloodlines. The cause of many misery and evil on earth "(1999, 2009, all four volumes in one 2016). Amazon currently offers 15 de Ruiters titles, the older of the two books about Jehovah's Witnesses is out of print.

Although Ruiter's books include one entitled "The Baits of the Satan Cult: The Music Industry, Hollywood, and Illuminati Mind Control" (2004), it is mainly musicians who spread Ruiter's teachings: Xavier Naidoo, for example, sings about the puppeteers, to which the Baron Totschild belongs, Kollegah tells of the final battle between good and evil, after which Christians, Muslims and Buddhists will rebuild the world: the Jews are no longer there. Now these musicians may not be the brightest minds, but their audience gets the message at least subliminally.

Ruiter sees himself as a Catholic fundamentalist, when do we hear of his excommunication?

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