Is pain stronger than Orochimaru

Sai was tricked by Orochimaru and now there is another Kusanagi in his chest. Orochimaru says that Sai really has no manners, whereupon Sai dissolves into an ink blot. While Orochimaru continues and Sai explains that you always have to look at an older man when you talk to him, Sai breaks through the ground and now looks Orochimaru directly in the eyes. Meanwhile, Yamato is still busy separating Naruto from the Kyubi's chakra, causing him a lot of pain. Yamato pulls even harder on the thread from Chakra so that the process goes faster, whereupon Naruto cries out in pain and then falls unconscious on his knees. Sakura and Yamato hardly believe what they see now, since Naruto's entire body is covered with severe burns. While Yamato pulls the wooden slats covered with thorns back into the floor, Sakura runs over to Naruto in tears.

Back at Sai and Orochimaru, they continue their conversation. Sai says that he has a message from his master Danzou for Orochimaru. It's about its goal of destroying Konoha. Meanwhile, Sakura tries to heal Naruto's wounds, but they are so strong that she can only progress slowly, for which she is angry at herself. She realizes that her healing is really slower than usual, since the Kyubi chakra actually helped to heal Naruto, but this has now been suppressed. Yamato looks at Naruto's dire wounds and remembers what Jiraiya told him. Even if it should appear to the outside as if the chakra of the Kyubi would make him invulnerable, it actually only hurts him the more the more tails have formed on his fox robe. And although Yamato knew how dangerous the fourth tail was, he could not have imagined that it would cause such tremendous destruction.

Sakura increases the chakra with which she heals Naruto, even if it starts to hurt the wound she received from him. Yamato observes that before he can say anything, Sakura begins to ask a question. She wants to know if he would be ready to teach her the technique he used to stop Naruto earlier. Yamato makes big eyes at first, but then explains sadly that this is not possible because only someone with the genes of the first Hokage last is able. Sakura looks at him in astonishment, which is why Yamato begins with an explanation: The pendant that Naruto wears around his neck once belonged to the first Hokage and served him to suppress the chakra of Bijuu. Yamato comments briefly that some people speculate that the first Hokage was only named a Hokage because of this, before continuing, saying that he can only be activated by the chakra of the first Hokage and therefore only reacts to Yamato. Together with the aforementioned technique, he can gain control of the Kyubi's chakra and push it back. But Yamato says with a sad look that he, who is just a “laboratory rat”, will never be as strong as the original and therefore never have complete control over a Bijuu.

After Yamato's story, Sakura looks disappointed at Naruto's passed out body and says that it is always the same. Yamato gives her a puzzled look, whereupon she continues. She explains that the only things that Naruto can do for himself are small and insignificant. Yamato gives her an encouraging look and says that it's not the size of things that Sakura does for Naruto, but rather the thoughts and feelings she has for him. Sakura snaps around and looks shocked at her team leader, who then closes his eyes and says that he knows immediately, only when he looks at her, how she feels about Naruto. But before he can say this, Naruto wakes up and calls for Sakura. She turns around, frightened, and tears come, because she is relieved that he is finally awake again. When Naruto tries to get up, however, he notices his pain and just sits down first. He asks Sakura what happened and why she is crying, to which she only replies that she has something in mind. However, Naruto thinks that Sai has insulted her and jumps up to find Sai and punish him for it. Sakura, however, only gets mad at Narutos and knocks him to the ground, whereupon Yamato shakes his head in disbelief. However, where Naruto just mentioned Sai, Sakura asks Yamato where he is. Yamato thinks for a moment before he gets a message from his doppelganger.

While Naruto, Sakura and Yamato were talking, Sai Orochimaru delivered the news. He is really impressed by the content and now asks what Sai wants to convey to him as a token of his loyalty. He reaches into his backpack and is looking for something in it when suddenly a shadow appears behind him and pulls him to the ground. That shadow is Kabuto, who looks at Orochimaru seriously. This one, however, returns that Sai is not an enemy and from now on will be on their side. Kabuto, however, is suspicious and wants to know what clue they have for this. Sai then tells Orochimaru that he should pick up the envelope that fell out of his hands along with his other belongings during the attack on Kabuto. In this he will find a document that also comes from Danzou and is supposed to prove Sai's loyalty. Interested, the Sannin picks up the envelope and opens it, whereupon he finds something that puts him very at peace. He orders Kabuto to let Sai go and then tells him that from now on he will be a member of his group. The three then disappear together. Yamato's doppelganger has observed everything and immediately passes it on to his real self, who is telling this Naruto and Sakura. Meanwhile, the doppelganger takes up the pursuit of the three.

Naruto, Sakura and Yamato now go to the place where the fight between Naruto and Orochimaru took place before. They discover the ink stain that Sai's doppelganger left behind and Naruto notices that not only has the bridge been completely destroyed, but also this huge crater was created during the time he was passed out. He then asks why he was passed out and Yamato discovers that it is really like Jiraiya said that Naruto cannot remember anything after receiving the fourth tail. Before he can give an answer, Sakura takes the floor and explains to Naruto that he had fought against Orochimaru and was passed out in the process. Naruto can't believe that he was so easily defeated and gets angry at himself, but Sakura would rather withhold the truth from him. When a wind blows up, she discovers the picture book that Sai said was his most important possession. She is confused because he would never leave something so important behind. Yamato then says that he is probably doing common cause with Orochimaru, whereupon Naruto wants to defend Sai and says that he is an idiot, but not a traitor. Sakura, however, thinks that this is quite possible after all, as Tsunade once told her that Sai's master, Danzou, is a man who loves combat. Yamato puts forward the thesis that Danzou wants to destroy Konoha with Orochimaru ...