Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry together

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: what about their friendship?

For a long time, the singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were at odds. After dating last year, they have now announced details of their friendship.

The world-famous singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have known each other for ages. The two posed for the cameras back in 2008. At that time everything seemed to be fine between the two of them. They went to parties together, spent time together privately and even planned a song together. 2010 accompanied Katy Perry her friend even on their tour and performed her popular song ‘Hot N Cold” there. The reason for the abrupt end of their long friendship was then the songwriter John Mayer. After dating Taylor Swift for a few months, Perry also began dating him that same year after divorcing her ex-husband Russell Brand. But that wasn't the only reason for the long-standing argument. In a 2014 interview, Swift revealed that Katy Perry wanted to sabotage an entire tour of hers. In the years that followed, there was a lot of trouble between the two stars and arguments were repeatedly fought out in public. It was only last year that the two decided to end their argument. The singers now talked about the reasons for this.

Katy Perry: That's why she's friends with Taylor Swift again

"We both have so many fans and because of our argument these people started to stand on different sides. We just wanted to be a role model for our fans," explained Katy Perry in an interview last year. The singers had smoothed things out for some time, but really wanted everything cleared up before they made their friendship public. In the music video for Taylor Swift's song “You need to calm down”, the friends showed up together for the first time. In matching burger and french fries costumes, the two sealed their friendship. Katy Perry took the first step by sending Taylor an olive branch for her “Reputation” tour. The peace offer then accepted and the two began to meet again. So now everything is fine again between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Even if the two unfortunately rarely have time to meet due to lack of time, they write very often to maintain their friendship. With the decision to make peace, the two stars have definitely sent a great signal to their fans. We can be curious if we can finally find a song together.