How to better draw eyes

Instructions: How to draw realistic eyelashes in three easy steps

Only the eyelashes make the eye really expressive. That's why it's so important to master this eye-catching detail if you want to draw realistic eyes or even an entire portrait. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw eyelashes that will make the eye of your subject shine.

To do this, we first look at how exactly you should vary the line thickness before we transfer this knowledge step-by-step to a complete lash line.

The line width is crucial when drawing eyelashes

We should first concentrate on the line width when using a pencil. The quality of the lines is of crucial importance if we want to draw beautiful realistic eyelashes.

Use a sharp pencil or mechanical pencil that is HB or 2B hardness to create fine lines. Put more pressure on the pencil at the beginning and gradually let it bleed towards the end. This creates thicker roots and thinner hair tips.

Also, try to draw slightly curved lines, as the lashes are never completely straight. Familiarize yourself with this exercise in order to gain more self-confidence and to master the variable line thickness of the eyelashes.

Drawing eyelashes: step-by-step

Now let's apply the same principles to some of the eyelashes on the eye.

Step 1: sketch the eye shape

In these instructions we will draw several eyelashes at the same time to illustrate the changes due to perspective.

  • The top line becomes a frontal lid.
  • The middle sketch shows an open eye from the side.
  • The drawing below illustrates the shape of the eyelashes when the eye is closed.

Step 2: Take the shape of the eyelashes into account

You will see the curved lines that are thinner towards the end and thicker in the root area. They grow in different directions and angles from the eyelids.

They are of different lengths depending on where they are on the lash line and are usually shorter towards the corners of the eyes. The individual hairs are longest in the middle of the lash line.

Also, keep in mind that the lashes are irregularly grouped and overlap. Add some irregularity to the line to make the lashes look natural.

Step 3: Fill in the lash line and increase the contrast

As soon as the basic shape of the eye including eyelashes is in place, all you need to do is follow the previously discussed pencil guide. With the 2B pencil you increase the contrasts of the drawing and you can better represent the course of the eyelashes from the broad base to the tip.