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Training as an animator

Are you a happy and communicative person? You have no problem being the center of attention? Isn't it difficult for you to inspire and motivate people? Then maybe you are the perfect animator.

The Germans are still world champions in travel, no other country has so many tourists. In the golden years of the economic boom, a concept developed that was the cornerstone of mass tourism, but also the cradle of the job of animator. We are talking about the package tour.

The package tour has many facets and for most of us today it is the epitome of vacation. Of course, the entertainer is now part of this picture. No club vacation without a sophisticated and proven animation concept. Entertaining and animating the travelers is an integral part of almost all tour operators of package tours in the tourism industry.

What is the task and activity of the animators?
The question is easy to answer - everything that makes the guest happy, makes it fun or helps in contacting fellow travelers. That sounds easy and simple, but performing it on site is one of the most exhausting jobs there are. Spreading a good mood every day is a MUST, even if the night was short and the “nocturnal” animation due to an evening event is exhausting.

The groups to be looked after are very different, from bowling clubs to young people to pensioners on a cruise ship. Because there is a high fluctuation among vacationers, which manifests itself in weekly changes of vacationer groups, one always has to adapt to new visitor groups. This exchange is known and notorious as the so-called "changeover day".

Depending on the group, depending on the place and type of vacation, there is a certain animation concept which is either given by the tour operator or thought out by the entertainers themselves.

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Salary and earnings as an animator

There is no collective agreement for the animator's salary. For this reason, no reliable information about earnings can be made here either. As a rule, the entertainers are paid a daily, weekly or monthly flat rate. The profession is characterized by seasonal business, which of course mainly takes place in the European summer. Outside this main season, a lower salary may be paid out.

A certain proportion of professional entertainers work all year round for large tour operators on a permanent basis, but this is rather the exception.

Anyone who, as the chief animator, takes on the leadership of other animators can count on a higher salary.

Training as an animator

The profession of animator is not a recognized training profession according to the German Vocational Training Act or the Crafts Ordinance, but a training and further education profession which is individually regulated by the course providers. Often the tour operators train themselves in their own academies, whereby the training can be of different duration and does not have a uniform standard.

The duration of the training can be between a few weeks and 12 months; the costs for accommodation, meals or teaching material are often borne by the trainee themselves.

Normally, no remuneration is paid for the period of vocational training, but this is the responsibility of the respective company in individual cases.

For many animator training courses, an internship is necessary; this is usually completed in a destination abroad, with the costs being borne by the tour operator and usually also being remunerated. The prospective animators choose the internship themselves.

Admission to training as an animator is not restricted by law. The training providers have their own criteria according to which the selection for this job is made, in most cases the prospective animators have an intermediate level of education. Before starting vocational training, there is now and then a medical examination, which usually analyzes the applicant for infectious diseases.

Animators work where others go on vacation. However, aspiring entertainers should be aware that spreading a good mood every day is very exhausting.

Characteristics and requirements for animation

The most crucial quality of an animator is probably his extrovert behavior. Of course, it shouldn't be difficult to get in touch with the travelers, so entertainers of the human type are often those who are referred to as “rampage pig”, “fun canon” or “mood maker”.

The talent to entertain people, to spread a good mood or to encourage them to become active is a personal trait that is very difficult to learn and should actually be “born in the cradle”. Those who first have to learn how to entertain people often appear convulsive and fail. "Types" are needed here!

Of course, it is hard work to entertain the holiday guests every day and to convey fun, even the most extroverted and funniest person will not find it easy to animate after 4 weeks of holiday season at the latest.

Application as an animator

Applying as an animator for a specific tour operator can be relatively brief. Many companies offer online applications using an application form, while others prefer the classic form of application with an application folder that contains a cover letter, a tabular curriculum vitae and copies of certificates from school and work. Access to this profession is very different, however, so it is not uncommon for people to be hired on the basis of an oral and personal request.

Animators are well networked with one another, they often know each other and help each other on site in holiday destinations around the world. Really good animators are very popular. In the application letter, the qualifications and motivation for the job as an animator should be set out in the right words. In the tabular curriculum vitae, the previous career from school and job is then presented in chronological detail in detail.

If you have the opportunity, you should consider handing over the application documents in person. By handing it over personally, the applicant can get an idea for himself. What is more important, however, is that the company can already get a first impression; this could be an advantage in the further application process.

More application tips and tricks!

Trends and employment figures

The travel industry is very dependent on economic developments in Germany. In bad times, of course, fewer people go on vacation with a package tour. There is then a tendency to refrain from long-distance travel and instead to consider an inexpensive vacation trip that is close at hand.

Less travel also means less work for entertainers, which is reflected in the employment figures, which can make things difficult for an entertainer abroad. Often this profession is only practiced on the side and is also connected to another activity during the period. Many students use this job as an animator to finance their studies and work 3-4 months in the summer.

Source: Employment and unemployment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (IAB Research Group on Vocational Labor Markets).

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