How is muslin different from cotton

Muslin, jersey, woven fabric - what are the differences?

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The MaMo headrests and seat belt protectors are made from different materials.

One thing in advance: there is no real difference in the function of headrests or seatbelt covers, regardless of what type of fabric they are made of. In addition, most of the variants are made of cotton. So there is nothing wrong with simply choosing according to taste.


Known from burp / swaddle cloths ("muslin cloth"), muslin is also used in baby clothing and is currently a trend material for clothing in general. The fabric is very loosely woven, has a structured surface and a soft feel. After washing it is a bit hard at first, but then cuddles up quickly.

Woven fabric

Of course, muslin is actually a woven fabric, but "classic" woven fabric (poplin) has a firmer, finer structure. The quality of the woven fabrics we use retains its smooth surface even after frequent washing, and looks "tidier" than muslin. This material is not elastic.


Jersey is also used for T-shirts and baby clothes, for example. Our materials usually contain 5% elastane. Strictly speaking, jersey is not woven, but knitted (jersey is a "knitted fabric") and is therefore also elastic. Nevertheless, the fabric has sufficient stability to support the head.


You can also choose headrests and belt protectors made of the same material and color as the MaMo bags.
You can find information about the main material of MaMo here: Properties of Ramie