What is your cocktail for parties

Cocktail party

Organize and celebrate a cocktail party? Isn't that a perfectly normal party only that there are plenty of cocktails to drink? By no means dear party friends because a cocktail party is much more than just a social get-together with a few cool mixed drinks, in which the focus is on the drink itself, very similar to a wine evening.

Such a celebration can of course be celebrated and interpreted by everyone as he wants, but you can also stick to the strict party conventions and celebrate and plan as high society brought it to life and invented it. The special character of this party has the following characteristics:

  • Upscale atmosphere with a little "Schicki-Miki"
  • Lots of gossip, chatting and chatting paired with a little business interests
  • Modern afterwork style
  • Also designed and celebrated as a single party
  • There are no seats, so more of a typical standing party
  • There is no special motto, the name always says it all
  • If you don't like these features, then you can throw them overboard and have a stand-up party with chic bars and plenty of cocktails. Anyone, however they like it, is just not an original.
  • Anyone planning and preparing a cocktail party must take care of good organization beforehand so that the party is really perfect all round. What do you need to get the event off the ground perfectly?
  • This includes not only the right decoration, but also good cocktail recipes, fun games and much more. But that's why you're here.

Cocktail party outfit - dress code and what should I wear?

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Basically, there is no set dress code when it comes to planning a cocktail party. Of course, such parties are always associated with a glamorous outfit and women who smile and wave their glasses on high heels and in mini dresses (admittedly a nice sight) - but whether this is desired is up to you. Many feel good in comfortable jeans and sneakers, others like to dress up.

tip: What makes a cocktail party is that everyone comes as they want. The flair comes about when business look meets glamor and leisure look. Typical after work.

What is certain is that the dress code should always match the host, the ambience and the guests. So, if you are a student and organize a flat-share party or cocktail party with good friends, things can be casual. However, if you expect business partners, work colleagues and therefore also people you don't know yet, a formal occasion with a corresponding cocktail party look is ideal for making new contacts and making a wonderful first impression.

Here are a few ideas what you can wear to such a celebration:

As a woman, it can be either casual or chic and sophisticated. The classic is the little black dress up to the knees, i.e. the cocktail dress. In addition, a small handbag and chic jewelry. If you like it glamorous, you can also wear a dress with sequins and wickedly expensive high heels.

A third suitable variant would be a strapless top with tight jeans, if it can be a little looser.

For men, either the business look or a casual outfit with shirt, jeans and leather shoes is recommended. Ties have no place at cocktail parties.

Decoration ideas for cocktail parties

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Only the right decoration gives a cocktail party the right, festive atmosphere. However, this does not mean that you have to hang up streamers and garlands: The possibilities to make a cocktail party an unforgettable experience for all guests are more diverse today than ever and should therefore be used. If you want to decorate in a typical way, then stay away from garlands, balloons and the like. The typical party stuff doesn't go well with a cocktail party. Orient yourself more to subtle and more glamorous decorative elements a la Glamorparty.

But at first it is not that easy to find the right one when you go to a craft store or a specialty shop for party decorations, as the selection is now huge. The easiest way to make a choice is to think about a party motto beforehand. Does the party take place in summer? Then there is a Caribbean night, where the drinks are served in hollowed coconuts together with fruit skewers and the ambience is decorated with palm trees.

In winter, on the other hand, a cozy snow motto is perfect: soft furs, a fireplace atmosphere and spicy aromas in the form of scented candles, hot cheese fondue and of course mulled wine should not be missing. The possibilities are innumerable and depend primarily on what you and the guests like.

Special decoration ideas for your cocktail party

The most important elements are high tables and a really cool cocktail bar, the back wall of which can be decorated with mirror walls or walls of water including light elements. Places plenty of schnapps and champagne bottles on the glass shelves and ensures that the bartender or cocktail mixer understands his craft and is appropriately dressed. If no friend can or does not want to do this, hire a professional for your party. That always goes down very well.

There are always chic straws, paper umbrellas and long drink sticks distributed on bar tables. Colorful ice cubes or ice cubes as shapes and figures are also small gimmicks that make a big difference.

tip: Very simple things are often forgotten. You need chic cocktail glasses and long drink glasses and plenty of them because cocktails play a major role at this event.

Another great idea is to shift the cocktail flair more towards the "beach feeling" and to decorate everything towards summer, beach and vacation. For this, a bit of fine sandy beach can be decoratively distributed on tables, colorful umbrellas can be set up, bamboo can be used and generally a lot of green plants can be used. A few coconuts can also be placed in a targeted manner.

Funny games at a cocktail party

Games are a part of a good party for many people, but others find them silly. What is certain is that games are not to everyone's taste, but can certainly loosen up a party. Even if games generally play a subordinate role at a classic cocktail party, it ultimately depends on the choice of games, whether they are suitable or not, silly, funny, serious or just loosening up. A round of party time has never hurt a party.

tip: At such a party, consider very carefully whether and if so which games you will use. A chilled VIP atmosphere can quickly be destroyed by a silly game.

Cocktail party games are particularly recommended if you want to break the ice: For example, are there many guests who don't know each other or do you know beforehand that the people will be very shy with each other? Nothing is worse than a cocktail party where small groups form because you don't know each other.

So: Bring people together and choose games that match their age. Classics like Twister, Pantomime or “Who am I?”, Where you have to guess a prominent name that someone else has stuck on your forehead with a Post-It, are never wrong.

It is important to select the games according to the number of guests. While some are great for larger parties with many people, such as dance games, others are ideal for small groups of up to six people. You can get inspiration on the Internet or in a game book.

Depending on how the party is organized, modifications of “Silent Mail” can also be a great way to relax. Limbo dancing is always a welcome classic at cocktail parties.

Karaoke can also be good, but it doesn't have to be. Only use it at this type of party if you are absolutely sure that many guests would like to do it and that it would not destroy the atmosphere.

It goes without saying that egg running and co would be more than inappropriate here. Drinking games are fun too, but not for every species. Here, too, it is important to weigh up.

A funny quiz is also a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. This can of course be designed in such a way that it has a sociable effect and stimulates the conversation to appear somehow funny-ridiculous.

Drinks, cocktails and accessories

What would a cocktail party be without the right drinks? Anyone who goes to such a celebration naturally expects a certain selection of cocktails. And ideally this should not be an alcoholic and a driver, but a certain selection. As a host, you should therefore think about which drinks will be offered to guests at an early stage.

Basically you have a free choice, of course, but note that there is something for every taste. Some people like fruit cocktails, others like strong long drinks - and of course some non-alcoholic variants and normal soft drinks should also be included, because some guests will certainly arrive by car or do not want to drink alcohol at all. The so-called "drivers" are always popular because they are simply delicious.

Also takes into account that the cocktails cover the widest possible range of spirits so that everyone can find something for themselves. Offering only vodka-based drinks is certainly not going to go down well. Instead, you should choose three or four spirits - such as rum, vodka, Malibu or Campari - so that as different drinks as possible can be created with them. A good idea is to commit to a certain number of different cocktails for which you will then buy ingredients. The individual drinks can then be advertised on a clear menu card or a black board so that every guest knows exactly what to drink at the party.

Practical tip: Try out the cocktails beforehand, this will make it easier for you to mix them correctly at the party. If you don't want to mix yourself, you can alternatively ask talented friends or hire a professional bartender directly.

The most popular alcoholic cocktails for such celebrations are:

  • Indian Flame
  • Caipirinha
  • tequila Sunrise
  • Cuba Libre
  • Long Island Ice Tea
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Mai Tai
  • Mojito
  • Pina Colada
  • zombie
  • Planters Punch

The most popular non-alcoholic cocktails for such celebrations are:

  • Yellow Runner
  • Coconut Kiss
  • Pussy Foot
  • Ipanema
  • Virgin Colada
  • Mojito soda

When choosing the drinks / cocktails, try to make sure that there are often overlaps in terms of ingredients. So you have to buy less overall, save money and have an easier time mixing. If possible, avoid exotic cocktails, which tend to have many and difficult-to-find ingredients.

Even if it is difficult, beer or beer pods have less to look for at this celebration. If you can't cope with the nature of this party, you'd better cancel.

Decorating cocktails - ideas and tips

Nothing is worse than a loveless cocktail without decoration. Style, taste and aesthetics play a role at every cocktail party and this should also and above all be reflected in the drinks. So make sure that you decorate all cocktails accordingly and make them look good. And this goes far beyond a cut lemon that is attached to the edge of the glass.

Here are a few ideas.

Cocktail decoration idea 1: Wonder weapon fruit

Tries to adapt the decoration with fruit to the respective cocktail in terms of taste and appearance. The taste must not be adulterated. For example, use a lemon that is cut as a spiral or cocktail skewers that are lovingly decorated with types of fear.

Cocktail decoration idea 2: Crust edge

With this decoration idea you will immediately stand out from the perfectly ordinary cocktail. Use the so-called crust edge, which is a delicious, sweet and decorative layer made of sugar, chocolate or desiccated coconut and is crinkled onto the edge of the glass. Always moisten the edge a little beforehand with water or lemon juice so that the sprinkles stick. Looks nice and tastes good too.
Tip: This is easy to do with the sugar rim aid. Is there ... here.

Cocktail decoration idea 3: Decorative ice cubes

Ice cubes belong in every cocktail, but you can still decorate yourself. Small fruits that are placed in the water when making ice cubes / freezing are particularly chic. Ice cube shapes that go beyond a cuboid are also very pretty and effective.

By the way, crushed ice is also very cheap at most petrol stations and supermarkets. In this case, you do not have to create it yourself.

As far as the equipment is concerned, you are well advised with an ice crusher, a shaker, a measuring cup, a cutting board for limes and other fruits as well as matching cocktail glasses and straws. Otherwise you should get:

  • Cocktail sticks
  • Flexible straws
  • Sugar rim aid
  • Skewers
  • Cocktail mixer