How many types of penises are there

Sexual arousal leads to swelling of the primary genital organs in both sexes. In men this is of course more evident than in women - and is also necessary for performing the sexual act. But not every penis grows equally when sexually aroused. In addition to individual size differences, there are basically two types of penises - the meat penis and the blood penis. These are the differences.

What is a meat penis?

The classic one Meat penis (eng. "Shower") is relatively large even when not erect and grows relatively little as a result of sexual arousal. It becomes stiff due to the influence of blood, but its size does not change significantly. It is estimated that they have about 21 percent of all European men over a meat penis. In warmer regions, meat penises could have been evolutionarily advantageous, as they are visually more noticeable.

What is a blood penis?

The remaining 79 percent of European men have a so-called Blood penis (eng. "Grower"). Its size increases noticeably as a result of the blood flow into the erectile tissue. A blood penis can be twice as large in an erect state as in a flaccid state. Because of the great difference between erect and flaccid state, blood penises could have been evolutionarily beneficial in colder regions. A blood penis shrinks faster at low temperatures, causing it to protrude Cooling down is better protected.

Meat penis or blood penis: which is better?

Of course, most men want a large penis, as it is not insignificant for male self-confidence. In terms of sexual performance, however, the two penis types are similar. When stiff, a blood penis can be just as big as an erect meat penis, which means that there are no significant differences in the sexual act. The two penis types have no influence on fertility and potency. The question of whether a meat penis or a blood penis is therefore only of visual relevance.


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