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Of Udaipur from it is only 110 kilometers to the - before the founding of Udaipur - the old capital of the Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar reached. There are different spellings: Chittaurgarh, Chittor or Chittorgarh. I chose the last spelling. Up to this point the road is for the most part already four lanes and still passable, after a rather boring drive we reached the imposing fortress. A visit is definitely worth it and if you come here, you should take at least two hours. You move within the huge fortress by car from sight to sight. There are ruins of the old fort and various palaces to see, various temples and imposing towers. There is also a holy spring and 8,000 people still live within the old walls. Chittor or Chittorgarh so it is not a dead city, but still very much alive. And the place below the fortress walls has many houses painted blue. From above, the cityscape is a little reminiscent of Jodhpur.

Chittor is a holy place for the Hindus, a symbol for the heroic resistance of its inhabitants against the Muslims. The merciless battles have left their mark, today only a ruin remains here. But this is still well worth seeing.

On the edge of town Chittogarh A long and narrow rock plateau with vertically sloping walls rises above the plain. It is 5 kilometers long and the ideal place for a fortress, actually an entire fortress town, because in the past the entire settlement was up on the rock plateau. Our guide was waiting at the entrance to the fortress and introduced himself. He was nice and spoke English quite well. Together with our driver we drove and walked around the facility for over 2 hours.

Blood story

The history of Chittorgarh has been written with blood and fire. The fortress was conquered by Muslim armies three times: 1303, 1535 and 1567. The first attack was carried out in 1303 Alaud-Din Khalji, the sultan of Delhi. He wanted the beautiful one Rani Padminieven if they are already using Bhim Singh was married. Her charm was sung in songs and our guide also raved about her in the highest tones. She is said to have been so beautiful, with flawless transparent skin that you could see a sip of water running down her throat.

The first attack of the horny sultan could be repulsed with the admission that he had a look at the beautiful Padmini allowed to throw. This was done using a mirror, but it still spurred him on to come back. When the fall of the fortress seemed inevitable, all the women gathered around Padmini and together they threw themselves into the flames of huge pyres. This type of suicide will Jauhar called. The soldiers put on ritual saffron-colored robes and rushed towards the conquerors to seek suicide and to die fighting down to the last man.

Today, for many of the Indian visitors, the fortress is a place of hero worship and is considered sacred. We met few western visitors here, most of the tourists came from India to visit this place of national pride. For the Hindus, Chittorgarh has become a symbol of the heroic resistance of its inhabitants against the Muslims.

At the second time Jauharcaused by the sultan's attack Bahadur Shah out Gujarat, 13,000 women and children should have died at the stake, while 40,000 men lost their lives fighting. Despite such unimaginable bloodbaths, the fortress recovered from the sieges, but in 1565 the final end was approaching by the Mughal ruler Akbar. The siege began in October 1567, but many workers and Mughal soldiers who drove passages into the walls to undermine the fortress died in the process. Muskets were shot at them from above.

In the end, however, the situation for the fortress was hopeless and a new one Jauhar was imminent. But not all obeyed the order and sought death. Especially the snipers that Akbars Troops had decimated disguised themselves as MogulWarriors, tied up their wives and children and drove them to freedom as supposed prey. The successful escape enraged Akbar so much so that he massacred 40,000 peasants who had sought refuge in the fortress. But that Merwar-Reich was not yet wiped out, even if the fortress city was never rebuilt.

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