Why are horses so majestic


Frisians have very lively gaits and high knee action.

Fairytale look

The "black pearls of Friesland" look back on a long history: They were first mentioned in the times of the ancient Romans - among other things. at Tacitus and Caesar - and have since developed into a popular European breed. The crossbreeding of Iberian horses in the 16th century created an unmistakable type, which is particularly fascinating due to its beautiful, almost fairytale-like appearance. The horses, which are only bred as black horses today, have a beautiful, high-set neck, a well-angled hindquarters and a pronounced arching of the ribs. Typically, they have a long, luscious mane and equally impressive hangings. In order to be officially recognized as a Friesian, a three-year-old stallion must be at least 158 ​​cm tall or 160 cm at four years old.
The Spanish influence gives the animals, which were formerly also increasingly used in agriculture, lively and expressive gaits and makes them talented dressage horses. Whether high school or circus: with their intelligent and sensitive nature, the black giants can be used in a variety of ways and, thanks to their imposing appearance, are often presented in shows. Also on the European tour of Apassionata World GmbH nobody wants to do without the Dutch stars, because few horses are so majestic to look at.