How can I learn about model railways

Model railroad: children

Tips from practice

There are countless jokes about the dad who actually bought the model train under the Christmas tree for himself. Avoid this mistake. Children need the security of being able to say: "".

If you are interested in model railways yourself, you should make it clear which your models are, which belong to the child and which belong to a common pool. Make it clear to the child that you don't find damage to your models so exciting. Conversely, be lenient if damage occurs to a model of the child. Something like that happens from time to time and is not a big deal.

If possible, make sure that the vehicles and systems are compatible for playing together.

Engaging in this hobby can bring a child a lot of experience and knowledge. However, always remember that the main purpose is the game.

If you are interested for a longer period of time, try to achieve a smooth and gradual transition from play to model railroading. As an enthusiastic amateur railroader, please do not be frustrated if the offspring does not show the desired interest.

Take the child to railroad events, such as museum railways and exhibitions. A trip to the Foreign SideFrankfurt Feldbahn – Museum with real steam locomotives or a visit to the Foreign SideMiniature –Wonderland in Hamburg provide the right atmosphere all by themselves.