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Curious facts about lederhose

Lederhosen: seven facts that hardly anyone knows

No Oktoberfest without Lederhose. These trousers are almost mandatory for tradition-conscious men. Did you know why leather pants are actually functional clothing, that they were once considered immoral and what the man wears underneath? There is a lot of material here for small talk in the beer tent.

1. The Lederhose belongs to Bavaria - but not only

When you think of lederhosen, you inevitably think of Bavaria. And of course it is true that this type of trousers has a long tradition, especially in Germany's largest state - but not only. Other Alpine peoples like Austrians, Swiss and South Tyroleans like to wear lederhosen too. So the Krachledernen is not a purely Bavarian phenomenon.

2. Much more than fair weather pants

It might sound like an exaggeration to describe the lederhosen as functional clothing, but they can definitely do more than most people think. The deerskin is pleasantly soft and makes the pants robust and resistant at the same time. They protect against harsh weather, keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. They also tolerate liquids like rain or beer pretty well. So somehow functional clothing.

3. No church blessing for the lederhosen

At least the Catholic Church does not like lederhosen much. For this reason, it is still taboo in some church houses during worship. In 1913 the Archbishop of Munich even officially declared them "immoral". However, the handling of lederhosen is often made more tolerant today. You can even get married in lederhosen.

4. The lederhosen industry: a global business

The worldwide production of lederhosen is booming. Many Lederhosen factories are in India, Hungary or Sri Lanka, the leather used often comes from Pakistan or New Zealand. Anyone who wants a real deerskin made from local leather should go to a renowned traditional costume shop and accordingly have to dig deeper into their pockets. In return, the deerskin lasts a lifetime.

5. In a good mood in lederhosen. And underneath?

This question is one of the greatest mysteries about lederhosen: do you wear them with or without underpants? The lederhosen should fit snugly, and therefore sometimes there is actually not much space for underwear, at least not for boxer shorts with a lot of fabric. Today the question of slip is a matter of taste, but it was different until the 1940s. The lederhosen were basically worn “down without”.

6. Next exit Lederhose

There are strange place names everywhere. The Brandenburgers have their "puke", Rhineland-Palatinate has "Busenhausen" and the Thuringians have "Lederhose". The place you pass when you drive south from Leipzig on the A9 has 267 residents, a day-care center and an industrial area. And just a cool name.

7. Leather cult in Hamburg

Lederhosen are also popular in the Hanseatic city. But not in the way you might think now. Not meant are the flashy leather outfits that you inevitably see on the Reeperbahn. What is meant are the Hamburg police dog service leaders, who generally wear leather instead of cloth trousers.

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Important: Information on this page that has not been updated relates to Oktoberfest 2019. In 2021, as in 2020, there will be no Oktoberfest due to the corona pandemic.