Is the Samson Q2U microphone good

Samson Q2U review: technical data and price

Samson Q2U

Why is Samson Q2U better than the average?

  • Volume?
  • Weight?
  • Cable length?
  • Thickness?
  • Width?

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Sound quality

The sample rate / frequency of the audio interface represents the number of samples per unit that are taken from a permanent signal to create a discrete signal. The sample rate determines the quality of a digital recording.
The audio interface bit depth / rate describes the number of bits with which information is stored for each sample. Bits represent the resolution. The more bits, the more accurately the sound can be reproduced.


A hyper-kidney or supercardioid pattern is a narrower version of the kidney pattern. It picks up audio in front of the microphone at a narrow angle and is especially useful when you want to record a single audio source in a noisy environment.
It is compatible with a number of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch.
Microphones that have multiple polar patterns can be used for different situations. The more polar patterns a microphone supports, the more versatile it is.
A cardioid polar pattern captures audio in front of the microphone and is particularly useful in situations like recording a podcast or streaming games.
A DSP-free or flat DSP mode records audio without digital processing. This is useful when you want to process the audio yourself.


A pop filter (also known as a pop shield) is a filter that is placed in front of the microphone to avoid popping noises when recording vocals.
A shock mount protects the microphone from physical noises such as knocking your feet on the floor or passing traffic.
With a touchpad, users can control the device by moving their fingers on the touch-sensitive surface.
Volume is the three-dimensional space enclosed by the casing of the product, or more simply, the space that the product takes up.
We consider a lower weight to be advantageous as lighter devices are easier to carry. The transport of household appliances and many other products is also simplified thanks to the lower weight.
A long cable provides more freedom of movement and you can sit further away from the playback device.
The height indicates the vertical size. We consider a lower height to be more advantageous as it improves maneuverability.

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