What is a video sharing script

Steem is a popular framework for building blockchain-based applications. It's a blockchain that tokenizes the content web. The STEEM framework has its own cryptocurrency: STEEM coins.

You can build any content-based online business on the STEEM blockchain. The native smart media tokens enable tokens to be distributed through upvote and like-based algorithms and can be incorporated into websites to align incentives between application owners and community members to drive growth.

This video sharing script runs on the Steam blockchain. Every video uploaded by your users is uploaded to the blockchain. It is served directly from the peer-to-peer network (which saves you expensive server and bandwidth costs). Have you ever downloaded files using a torrent? Every time you download a file from the torrent, it is downloaded straight from the seeds of the peers. Video delivery in DEXTube works in a similar way. When a user watches a video, it is streamed from the closest live nodes on the peer-to-peer network. STEEM has millions of miners who power the network around the clock.

Why a Blockchain Powered DEX Video Sharing Script?

We all know how Youtube works and what different functions there are in Youtube. Just imagine a Youtube-like video sharing platform running on a blockchain! The advantages and possibilities are unlimited! .... To run a video sharing platform like Youtube, it would first need to purchase petabytes of storage space, multiple co-location servers to store the same copies of the data around the world, and in content delivery networks (CDN) in multiple regions, etc. be invested to ensure a smoother delivery of the content stored in all of these. With Block Chain to your rescue, you can now run a much faster, more sophisticated video platform at a NIL cost!

  • The platform would run entirely on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and the block chain. It uses the STEEM blockchain and is entirely written in Javascript.
  • Gone are the days of running in an SQL database. It would prove cumbersome and may not be able to serve multiple simultaneous requests beyond a certain limit. On the other hand, blockchain and IPFS technology offer extreme scalability.

Top 4 Reasons to Use the DEX Video Sharing Script

  • Decentralized, worldwide availability of the content.
  • Leverage the peer-to-peer network to save costs. The distributed block chain acts as your DB and saves a huge amount of money on servers to stream video.
  • The total cost of ownership is significantly reduced. The community deserves to upvote and downvote videos. Therefore, no moderation is required.
  • Monetization is built right into it. Every time a viewer opens the site, cryptocurrency is detected on their computer. Part of it can be rewarded to him. Part of the content creator of this site. And a part for you. Imagine having millions of views every month around the world!

How can this blockchain powered video sharing script make money?

All of the content on your video sharing platform is in the block chain. In turn, it is fed by the nodes that provide resources for executing the block chain. Whenever a user opens a page in your video sharing application, STEEM coins are collected on the nodes. This reward is divided into 4 parts and is given to these parties:

  • The nodes that lend resources are rewarded with the part of the coins (miners).
  • The viewer of the page receives a certain number of coins (to encourage them to continue using the page).
  • The creator / uploader of the content receives a certain amount of coins.
  • And a percentage of the Creator Reward is shared with you: The Owner.