What does the name Whitt mean

It's fate

A bitter business

In keeping with its Valais origins, this beer has an apricot yellow color with intense cloudiness and a very long-lasting, fine-pored foam. The fruity notes are characterized by passion fruit and lychee. Pleasantly integrated, I perceive the carbonic acid, the slightly sweet, fruity initial drink is followed by a lean main drink. The finale with the strongly filling hop bitterness in the fruity aftertaste confirms the impression of a typical West Coast IPA. Therefore, serve at a drinking temperature of 6 to 8 degrees - of course with Surf & amp; Enjoy turf and pineapple chutney. Or with a spicy tartare.

White Frontier Amor Fati Fr. 7.80 / 2 × 33 cl, available in larger Coop stores or at coop @ home

From coast to coast
The West Coast IPA originated on the west coast of the USA, near the hop farms. The East Coast IPA are brewed on the east coast and taste more malty.

An extra kick at the end
More hops are added to the cooled beer brew by so-called “plugging”. This is how the herbal aromas characteristic of this beer style are created.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Amor fati is Latin and means "love of fate". Coined by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), this should express the state of the highest possible affirmation of life.

As much snow as possible
The brewery from Martigny VS likes it cold: The name White Frontier means “white border”, meaning the snow line. This is important because the team consists of eager winter sports enthusiasts.