Why do people count everything

A picture that looks like a message on TV is apparently currently being shared on Whatsapp. It is a photomontage that shows a falling man above clouds. Below are the words: "Skydiver without a parachute - dies of the coronavirus". In addition to the picture, this message is also distributed in the messenger app: “The RKI statistics are lying. Even a suicide who tested positive and whose cause of death is obviously not Corona is included in the statistics of corona deaths. "

We received the picture via email from a reader. He asked us: "Is it really true that a person who dies violently under the influence of others or himself and who previously tested positive for Corona is publicly listed by the Robert Koch Institute as a 'corona death'?"

CORRECTIV asked the Robert Koch Institute.

All coronavirus-related fatalities are those who were diagnosed with Covid-19 at the time of death

Marieke Degen, press spokeswoman for the RKI, wrote to CORRECTIV by email: “That's actually true. However, the situation described is very rare, so that the number of deaths is not distorted. "

The way in which Covid 19 deaths are counted is repeatedly criticized. The forensic doctor Klaus Püschel from Hamburg recently drew attention to this. He autopsies deceased with a Covid-19 diagnosis and analyzes which people actually died from the coronavirus and which from another cause. In Hamburg, all deaths are examined by forensic medicine. According to a message from the city on April 22, the cause of death Covid-19 has so far been proven in a total of 95 patients. (The RKI reports 91 deaths for Hamburg as of April 22nd.)

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Officially, the RKI counts Covid-19 deaths for which laboratory-confirmed evidence is available and who died in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 infection, writes Degen. The risk of dying from the lung disease is higher in people with certain previous illnesses. "Therefore, in practice it is often difficult to decide to what extent the SARS-CoV-2 infection contributed directly to death."

The cases “deceased from coronavirus” and “deceased from coronavirus” are therefore combined in order to get a more precise picture of the deaths. This should prevent the deaths from being under-recorded, said Degen. Someone who dies violently as a result of their own or external influence has therefore "died with" Covid-19 and is included in the statistics of deaths. "As I said, the situation described - that someone fell ill with Covid-19 and then had a fatal accident - is very rare."