Can LinkedIn create a resume

Resume Builder Create a resume from your LinkedIn profile

Resume Builder is a free online service created by the LinkedIn Labs team that helps people convert their LinkedIn profiles into great looking resumes that are easy to download and print.

This could prove to be a very useful service for those who have created detailed LinkedIn profiles. Now they can transfer everything to an offline paper with one click. The process is simple: log into your LinkedIn account, choose a template, edit details and add, remove details and export as PDF.

The résumés can be shared directly via email or on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I wonder what took LinkedIn so long to find out. But now it's there so get your resume ready. No more typing and printing in MS Word.


  • Generate CV from LinkedIn profile
  • Edit and add details. Use one of the templates they provide.
  • Export as PDF or share via email.
  • Similar sites: ReZScore, Emurse, VisualCV, and ResumeRace.

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