Which countertop is better granite or silestone

Artificial stone countertops

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops

A big plus point is the flexibility in worktop design. The structure, grain and color of artificial stone countertops or quartz stone countertops can be freely determined when mixing. The kitchen worktops can imitate the elegant look of natural stone, or they can be made with a very subtle grain. Depending on the processing, matt, polished or flamed surfaces are created. thanks to the great variety Artificial stone worktops are suitable for every kitchen style, regardless of whether it is a modern kitchen, classic kitchen or country house kitchen and regardless of whether it is a handleless kitchen or a colored kitchen.

It is important to know that artificial stone has uniform grains and structures and thus looks less natural than real stone.

It is true that a natural stone look with a mineral glitter effect can be achieved during production; the natural irregularities that make natural stone countertops so charming are missing here. Due to their "calmer" look, artificial stone worktops harmonize perfectly with modern or purist kitchens and emphasize their straight lines.

In addition, an artificial stone countertop is great durable and almost indestructible. Quartz is a very hard mineral that gives the artificial stone a high level of shock and impact resistance. If, for example, the saucepan falls on the worktop, it will usually pass her by without a trace. It is also possible to put down a hot pot for a short time. In addition, quartz stone countertops are quite scratch-resistant. A mat should still be used to protect against heat damage or during cutting work. If, for example, fine scratches tarnish the beauty of the panel over time, these flaws can easily be repaired. The material should not be exposed to strong UV radiation, otherwise the color may change.