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Drogo Baggins

Drogo Baggins

Drogo Baggins was a hobbit from the Shire and father of Frodo Baggins.


Drogo Baggins was born in the year 2908 of the Third Age (1308 A.Z.). Along with Dora and Dudo, he was one of three children of Fosco Baggins and Rubinia Bolger. At an unknown point in time, he met Primula Brandybock, who was twelve years his junior and whom he married despite the age difference. Together they had a son whom they named Frodo. Drogo then spent a lot of time in the Brandy Castle, which, according to rumors, had a lot to do with the Brandybock's wine and food offerings. One day, around 2980 D.Z. / 1380 A.Z., he went on a boat trip with Primula on the brandy wine, during which their boat sank and both drowned (according to Hamfast they were drowned). Frodo, who was twelve at the time, stayed with his relatives in the castle after his parents died until Bilbo Baggins adopted him.

Years later, there was still speculation about the boat accident: while some hobbits claimed that Drogo had been knocked overboard by Primula and dragged his wife into the water, others claimed that the weight of Drogo had caused the boat to sink. Hamfast Gamgee commented on the accident as follows: "Boats are insidious enough, even if you sit still, you don't have to look any further for a cause of the accident."