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BILT bridging conference on new skills and competences in vocational training

The theme of 'New Skills and Competencies' (NQC) is an ongoing theme - and challenge - for VET actors around the world. The participants of the BILT Bridging Conference dealt with the question of how NQC can be identified, integrated into existing training regulations and framework curricula, and implemented in professional training practice.

UNESCO / UNEVOC, BMBF and BIBB jointly opened the event moderated by the BILT team. The recently published BILT Trends Mapping Study served as a common thread. This resulted, for example, in the discussion of whether NGOs should play a stronger role in the future in identifying new qualifications and competencies for vocational training - with the increasing complexity of such topics, technical expertise is increasingly in demand.

In addition, a wide range of case studies illustrated the conference topic:

  • Marlon Miña from the Philippine Chamber of Industry and Commerce reported on the development and implementation of standards for training staff in ASEAN countries
  • Prof. Johannes Lindner from the Austrian IFTE initiative presented the “Youth Start Entrepreneurial Challenges” and how entrepreneurial skills were integrated into training.
  • Ida Carillho Alvarinho from ANEP (Autoridade Nacional de Educação Profissional) gave insights into the reform of vocational training in Mozambique and how new qualifications were implemented with it.

A final reflection on 'New qualifications and competences in vocational training' from South Africa and Singapore rounded off the program.