Which sports are great for adult starters

Tennis - the most beautiful sport in the world

Here's a quick look at what tennis is all about:

1. Tennis is fun in the fresh air with like-minded people, where you don't hide behind team members, but make decisions yourself. And what could be nicer than ending a rally with a stroke that the opponent cannot reach?

2. There are one or two opponents, a ball and a partner (in doubles) that I have to adjust to. React quickly, adapt and act strategically and tactically - and all of this mostly under time pressure. Tennis promotes spatial thinking and brings fun through always different moves paired with technical and tactical finesse - that is the challenge!

3. Okay, tennis is motor skills demanding, but easy to learn nonetheless. Not immediately, of course, as we know it from the professionals. But here the keyword is “play and stay”: like kids, adults too are best to start with softer balls and on smaller courts. A few hours of training - also in larger groups, of course - do not hurt to get started. (> Tennis Express).

4. But once the first basic knowledge has been laid, usually after about 5-10 hours, nothing stands in the way of a game with friends! The competitive game is also still possible for later beginners, because there are teams in all possible divisions.

5. And team spirit is not neglected in team games.

6. You don't need a lot to get started: Most clubs or coaches offer rental clubs, and shoes with little profile are sufficient for the first few hours. Sporty clothing - it doesn't have to be specific tennis clothing. If you have really decided on the sport, of course you want to have your own racket and real tennis shoes. And every month or two (depending on how often you play) a can of new balls won't hurt either.

7. Tennis is great for the cardiovascular system. You need and train speed, coordination and endurance.

8. If you then train with a partner or trainer and have long, intensive rallies or make good use of the playing field during an intense match, you burn between 600-800 kilocalories per hour, depending on the intensity and duration.