Is Diego Maradona the best player ever

Opinion on Maradona: The best ever

The best footballer of all time has died in Diego Maradona: Tageblatt editor Eduard Warda is convinced of that. The Argentine was the most complete of all superstars - and thus unequaled.

As a little boy who practices the same trick for hours on the football field, you have role models. Mine was Manni Kaltz - the best right-back of his time, and above all: HSVer. The inventor of the banana flank never claimed the stamp of “best player of all time”, and at the end of the 1970s world football was in a kind of transitional period on this issue - Pelé, Beckenbauer, Cruyff were long past their zenith or already retired players like the Brazilian Zico or the French Platini never quite reached them.

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Then came the news of a child prodigy from the “pampas”, as ARD reporter Heribert Faßbender used to say at every opportunity that arose: the Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona appeared on the scene. At first, snippets of film with little bits of the show announced his class, then he switched to FC Barcelona and became more tangible.

Maradona's game was like a revelation, he appeared in a time of 0-0 games and the lumberjack like an alien created by the football god himself: his technique would have been enough for the circus, his athleticism allowed him to do it with the The most rustic defender, his overview opened the game intuitively, his inventiveness was inexhaustible and his goal instinct was downright uncanny. Littbarski was a dribbler, Platini a director, Rummenigge a goalscorer - Maradona was an all in one, and with him everything looked playfully easy.

If you watch Maradona clips on YouTube today, you can guess why the fans of SSC Naples worshiped him like a saint. Maradona won the 1986 World Cup title for Argentina almost single-handedly, and when the soccer experts crossed their fingers in the second round of the 1990 World Cup for the “Selecao”, the Brazilian national team, I was happy for Maradona and Co. His private life? A gift: A boy from a poor background who is suddenly the greatest, inevitably runs into private misfortune - see Elvis. Football changed, got faster, and later on there were several Ronaldos and a Messi. They did not come close to him: Maradona's football art remains unmatched.