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Guide to Krypton: These are the main cities

In addition to the capital Kandor with futuristic skyscrapers under its dome, the planet also has a variety of other notable city-states and emerging communities that are spread across the continents and oceans.

Would you like to travel back to the time before the great tragedy and see the sights? Then you will surely like our little travel guide with the beautiful cities and important settlements of Krypton. And you don't even need GPS for that!

Have you packed your intergalactic passport and hiking boots? Then let's go into the great darkness. May Rao guide us!


Hey, we didn't make the name up! Yes, there really is a Kryptonopolis on Krypton and it is the birthplace of Kal-El. Best to think of it as an evolved version of, say, Minneapolis or Metropolis, just with cooler buildings. Located on the largest continent of Lurvan, Kryptonopolis automatically became the capital of Krypton after the planet-collecting villain Brainiac shrank and kidnapped the previous capital, Kandor. Superman's parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van lived in one of the chicest areas of downtown Kryptonopolis. The city was first mentioned in the comics in the February 1963 issue of Superman # 155.

Argo City

Okay, this town is a little strange, but it all depends on Superman's blonde cousin Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl, together! Argo City was also on Lurvan and was one of the most important city-states next to Kandor and Kryptonopolis. Much of Lurvan broke away from the rest of the planet when Krypton blew up. This detached surface shot through the atmosphere and managed to keep its attraction and its own atmosphere intact. For 15 years, Argo City floated through space until deposits of krpytonite came to the surface. As a result, a scientist named Zor-El created a protective shield around the city to protect the residents from the radioactivity. Years later, when the city got caught in a meteor storm, the shield failed and most of the population died. Zor-El and his wife Alura put their child Kara in a small spaceship and shot her into space. So she came to earth.

Xan City

Xan is one of the oldest cities on the Kryptonian continent of Urrika and has one of the most turbulent histories. It became the scene of an inevitable military conflict with the hostile neighbor and city-state of Erkol. This war lasted more than 200 years until the brutal warriors of Xan won the victory over Erkol, killing thousands of residents in the process. However, Erkol's army rallied again and launched a counterattack that completely wiped out Xan. Xan was first mentioned in the September 1981 Krypton Chronicles # 1.


Erkol was the oldest city in Krypton and was on the continent of Urrika. The city was destroyed twice: the first time in a 200-year war with the neighboring city-state of Xan and the second time finally in the destruction of Krypton. During the last war in the history of the planet, Erkol launched a devious attack on Kandor. But that was a bad idea! The military leadership of Kandor struck back and destroyed several cities on Urrika, including Erkol.

Vathlo Island

Vathlo Island is the Africa of Krypton, with a largely black society and culture. The first black Kryptonians were featured in the 1971 Superman comic # 234. The big island itself was first depicted in comic # 239. This highly developed and independent city-state was able to maintain its freedom from the rest of the planetary federation, but always had good diplomatic relations. It took 33 years for comic book writers to discover that Superman's homeland wasn't all inhabited by white elite. This area will definitely be examined in more detail in the future.

Bokos Island

The independent nation of ex-prisoners across the ocean from Erkol was also called the Island of Thieves. It was a haven for a number of criminals, including Az-Rel, Bar-Nes, Ta-Tem and the telekinetic Nadira. The island was known for making honesty a criminal offense in exchange for legalizing some acts that would be considered crimes elsewhere. That's why Bokos never joined the planetary federation and remained independent of Krypton until the explosion. The 1970 issue of World's Finest # 191 reports on the island for the first time.

Antarctic City

Antarctic City is an ice-battered city on the planet's frozen Antarctic continent. The residents of Krypton were known for their joy of discovery and brimming with their hostile homeland by building an entire city under a dome in the wasteland of the cold polar region of Krypton.

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