How does location-based WiFi work

Android: Turn on WiFi automatically at home - that's how it works

You can find out how to automatically switch on your WLAN at home with Android in this practical tip.

Android: Automatically switch on WiFi without Oreo at home

First download the "Droid Automation" app from the Google Play Store.

  • First, add a new profile. Then go to the "Triggers" tab and add a suitable trigger. This can be, for example, an NFC tag that is in your home. Alternatively, you can also store the position of your home. As soon as the GPS locates you there, the profile is triggered.
  • You should also determine what should happen when the trigger trips. In this case, you can simply choose to activate the WiFi.

Android Oreo: Activate WiFi automatically

If you have Android Oreo, you don't need to install a separate app to use the feature.

  1. First open the settings of your device and go to the WLAN settings.
  2. Then activate the function "Activate WLAN automatically". Your smartphone will now activate WiFi automatically when you are at home.

In the next practical tip, we will show you how to set up Google Home.