How do you believe in yourself

“Faith - one word - innumerable interpretations. Many people believe in God, some in science, others in themselves. Some have lost their faith, others have found it. And even if you don't believe in anything, you at least believe in it.
Faith has many faces. What do you believe in?"

This is what it says in the program trailer of the ARD theme week.
"What do you believe in?"

This is one of the most existential questions of all, one that cannot simply be avoided and that affects everyone. The question “What do you believe in?” Hits us in our innermost human core and if we want to answer this question, we start looking for ourselves, for a certainty, for the meaning of life.
The possible answers are as different as we humans ourselves: the belief in a God, in reason, in humanity, in oneself, in true love, in a football god, ... - every person has something he believes in .

At the same time, many answers to this existential question often remain unspoken.

The various answers are particularly interesting for us - faith has many faces. Because behind every answer there is a personal story, a personal search for meaning, experiences, experiences, thoughts, dreams, doubts, low points and wisdom. And every possible answer challenges us to deal with it, to compare it with our own considerations and thoughts and perhaps to formulate our own answers.
Without claiming to find THE answer for yourself, it is worth getting involved in the thought and exchange process - maybe we will then have the courage to make our own statements of belief and life.

The band Klee formulates this in the chorus of their song "2 Questions":
"And if I asked you two questions it would be:
What do you believe in and what do you live for? "

Text: Katja Orthues

Link to ARD theme week "What do you believe in":

Photo: unsplash. com | Jonathan Simcoe