What form of abuse is online bullying

What is cyber bullying, cyber bullying, cyber stalking?

Cyber ​​bullying and Cyber ​​bullying mean deliberately insulting, threatening, exposing or harassing using electronic means of communication such as mobile phones or the Internet. On the Internet, photo and video platforms (e.g. Flickr or YouTube) and social networks (e.g. Facebook) in particular are misused for these attacks.

The term "bullying" comes from English and translates as "mobbing", "attacking someone". There is one person repeated and about one longer period exposed to negative actions of an individual or a group with the aim of social exclusion the victim. Mobbing is characterized by insults, injuries, humiliations, threats or sexual harassment carried out systematically. The situations are also characterized by a power imbalance between the victim and the perpetrator (usually there are several). The actions are often trivialized by the executors and happen in secret. Therefore, bullying is often difficult to detect for teachers, parents, work colleagues or employers.

Basically, you can choose between three forms ofmobbing a distinction can be made between:

  • Verbal bullying (mocking, spreading rumors, etc.)
  • Physical bullying (hitting, pushing, etc.)
  • Mental bullying (ignoring, excluding from a group, etc.)

Cyber ​​bullying usually takes place on the verbal and / or psychological level. Physical violence as a response to psychological attacks or in the form of "happy slapping" can also be part of cyber bullying.

Since January 1st, 2016 "Cyber ​​bullying" punishable. The title of the offense used in the Criminal Code (StGB) is "Continued harassment via a telecommunications or computer system".

Anyone who im Telecommunication ways or using a computer system in a way that is likely to unreasonably impair a person's lifestyle, continued for a long time

  • a person for a larger number of people perceptibly injured in honor or
  • Facts or pictures of the very personal area of ​​life one person makes it perceptible to a larger number of people without their consent.

In the event of a violation of the "cyber bullying" criminal provision, a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine of up to 720 daily rates can be expected.

Does the act have that Suicide or if the injured person attempted suicide, the perpetrator must be punished with a prison sentence of up to three years.

The law speaks of acts the by way of atelecommunications or under Use of a computer system respectively. These are, for example, actions via SMS, e-mails or calls or messages via messenger (such as WhatsApp) or social networks (such as Facebook).

For a criminal liability for "cyber-bullying" the actions of the perpetrator must be suitable, a To unreasonably impair the person's conduct of life.

What exactly does the term "for a long time"is understood, depends on the specific individual case. In the event of harassment through emails, SMS or phone calls, repeated acts are necessary in any case.

A Injury to honor is any reduction in the reputation and respect of a person in their social environment. It is not about the personal feelings of the person concerned, but about an objective traceability of the defamation.

Also covered by the law are "Facts and pictures of the very personal area of ​​life"A person. The highly personal area of ​​life includes, for example, sex life, the sensitive area of ​​family life, religious views and illnesses. Images (including video recordings) of the highly personal area of ​​life can be those of the crime victim himself, but also include his living space, for example.

Of Happy slapping one speaks when brawls are filmed with a cell phone camera and then distributed as video.

At theCyber ​​stalking the internet or other communication technologies such as cell phones are used to persist in tracking other people. Persistent persecution, known as stalking, has been a criminal offense since July 1, 2006.

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