London plays football in London

The FA Cup is the oldest and most prestigious trophy in all of Europe. However, it will only be really interesting at the beginning of January, as only a qualification of many lower-class teams will take place before that, with clubs from League One and Two intervening in the competition from around October. 90% of the games are on Saturdays, a few Sundays and in later rounds also during the week. The final will take place at Wembley. In contrast to other cup competitions, the rule here is that in the event of a tie, the game is repeated for the visiting team. If there is also a tie in the replay, extra time or the penalty shoot-out decides. The cup winner gets a Europa League place.

The League Cup is the second big cup in England. It is always named after a sponsor and is currently called the Carabao Cup, but has a good history in terms of naming behind it (Worthington Cup, Milk Cup, Coke Cup, Carling Cup, etc.). The trophy starts in August / September, but only becomes interesting at the beginning of October, as the big clubs only join then. In contrast to the FA Cup, there are no replays here. The League Cup is neglected by some teams, e.g. Arsenal regularly lets the reserve team play. From the semi-finals onwards, the rounds will be played in the first and second leg. As in the FA Cup, the cup winner gets a Europa League place.

The small club trophy is that FA TROPHY. Only clubs from League One and Two, as well as some non-league clubs and second teams take part. The games are usually during the week. The final will be held in Wembley, a big highlight for the fans of the finalists, due to the lack of other title chances and final matches.

European Cup participants from London are limited to a few teams. Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are pretty firm starters in international competitions.