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Dwarf clawed frogs

The pygmy clawed frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) comes from Africa.

It is brownish in color and is about 3.5 to 4 cm tall. He lives in ponds in e.g. Cameroon, Nigeria or in the Congo Basin. They live purely aquatic, that is, in water. But of course they get air on the surface. Pygmy clawed frogs are tongueless frogs.

A tongue would disturb them when hunting underwater. (You will understand that if you try to move your hand quickly and purposefully in the water. That works rather badly. It is the same with a tongue, so it is better for the dwarf-clawed frogs to suck in their prey with their mouths.)

Gender differences

Females are larger than males. They are also stronger / thicker and have a slightly longer stubby tail than the males. The most reliable feature for determining sex, however, are the reddish / pink knobs under the armpits of the males.


Pygmy-clawed frogs should best be kept in a species tank. So you can watch them well and get to know their behavior. Only when you are familiar with them can you try targeted socialization.

You can keep the dwarfs from a tank size of 25l. In such a small tank, however, only one male with two females. I would plan 7 to 10 liters of water per frog. In this way you can calculate how many you can keep in your aquarium.

The pool shouldn't have too much current. The frogs like many plants and caves as hiding places. They also like to use some duckweed or other floating plants on the surface, they rest on them. You can use roots, clay pots or piles of stones as hiding spots. But everything has to stand in such a way that it cannot fall over, otherwise the frogs can injure themselves. You can glue stones with aquarium silicone.

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Shrimps or snails, for example, are suitable as roommates for your dwarf clawed frogs. But baby shrimp can be eaten by the frogs.

If you want to add fish later, you should take very calm and peaceful fish. It is best to find out more about it from adults who have experience with it. Some keep a fighting fish by the frogs, others with thorny eyes. But of course you have to make sure that the pool meets the requirements of the fish.

You have to inform yourself exactly about the socialization, as the frogs are often afraid of fish and then want to climb out of the pool. Or they just hide.

They will never mate in the presence of fish. And sometimes they don't even get any more food, you have to pay close attention to that, otherwise they will starve to death.


Pygmy-clawed frogs need frozen and live food. For example, they like white and black mosquito larvae or Artemia very much.

As a precaution, I would not feed red mosquito larvae. It is very controversial, but many believe that these can make the frogs sick.

What's in stores?

Both wild-caught and offspring are in trade. But I would not buy wild-caught fish because they are often very weak. In the case of offspring, too, make sure that the frogs are at least 1cm, preferably 2cm, and not too thin. It may be better to use private offspring.

I would like to point out one more thing here: there are no albino pygmy clawed frogs. The albinos are large clawed frogs. But the large clawed frogs are also available in brown or gray. Therefore, you have to be careful not to buy them by mistake if you want to have clawed frogs.

Because the big clawed frogs need much larger aquariums! You can best recognize the dwarf clawed frogs by the webbed feet they have between their toes on their forelegs. The big clawed frogs don't have this.

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