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Good grades in math? It's possible and easier than you think! (Also online!)



You are about to graduate from high school and you need someone to effectively review the material with you? Or are the ZP / ZKE at the door and you are still too unsure? Or maybe you just want to improve your math grade?

Then I am your man. I am studying mechanical engineering at RWTH and have been giving tutoring successfully for 10 years. During this time I was able to accompany a number of students through the agonizing everyday maths at school and lead everyone to their goal.

My teaching goal is not to teach my students a stupid arithmetic scheme, but also to encourage them to understand the theory behind it in order to independently work out possible solutions and thus significantly improve their grades. For this purpose, I will explain the material to you in detail and calculate specific tasks with you. At the end of each lesson you will receive a (digital) transcript that I have created so that you can always have the material you have covered at home.

Are you wondering what it costs? With me only 30 € / hour (60min)

Online (in virtual lessons!)
(Possible in groups of up to 3 people)

Personally not possible at the moment due to corona!

(Otherwise with the student within 2 km from Aachen, Veltmanplatz)

If that speaks to you, just give me a call or write me an email.

I would be glad :)

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Thanks to my many years of experience, I have been able to gain a generous insight into the problem of mathematics in everyday school life. Most students have continuously deteriorated in maths, which simply sums up the fact that most of the students only make progress, but lose sight of the big picture on which the math is based. At a young age, students are given the tools they need for high school and for high school graduation. It is easy to see that this is the crux of the matter when important prior knowledge was not understood and you simply did not know how important these topics are. To put it simply, I am passionate about tutoring math, share a fever with my students, and I am usually more happy about improvements than they are. To see how I can motivate my students, that learning really pays off, makes me proud and I am always happy to be able to accompany new students through the math chaos at school.


Price for online lessons via webcam: € 30 / h
Price for 5 teaching units (package): 145 €
Price for 10 teaching units (package): 290 €

More details

Basically at least 60 minutes per unit
(From the advanced level, my clear recommendation of 90 minutes per unit applies)

60 min: 30 €
90 min: 45 €

Trial lesson always free!

Would you like to learn in a group with up to 2 friends? That works and even saves you money:

Group of 2 -> 25 € per person per 60 min
Group of 3 -> 22 € per person per 60 min

Just write to me!

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