Which sports brand is the best in India

More than cricket: Sport in India offers the best market opportunities

When you think about the future of the Indian sports market, what problems need to be solved?
Anyone who does sport, whether young or old, skilled or inexperienced, needs support - regardless of how good they are. Supported by his parents, school and employer.

Sport should also always be for the less educated. So far this setting is missing here. That has to change and it starts at home with every family.

Which (sports) companies - with which profile - have particularly good chances in the Indian sports market?
Many global brands are represented here. And they taught the Indians that exercise was fun. The government classifies sport as 'very important'. With nearly a billion young people, the chances of making money here are huge. "Price it right" must be the overriding principle for all brands, large or small. It is important to deliver something that is really good for the user.

Therefore, the profile of a company that wants to invest here does not matter. We have different climate zones in India, and the sportswear brands have to adapt their range to these. And companies should allow interested parties to use sports equipment in stores or outdoors without any purchase obligation. If a brand can do that, it will be successful. India is a wonderful country to do business in.