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Alphabet: The Google mother researches eternal life and perfect health (Calico & Verily)


The Google parent company Alphabet consists of a large number of companies that conduct research in very different industries and directions in order to work on future technologies and products. Even if it sometimes looks like a colorful bunch, Alphabet has a few core areas that are very promising. In addition to traffic and transport, this is also the area of ​​health, in which one would like to achieve great things.

The many alphabet companies have been completely dependent on its valuable sister company Google Inc. since the holding company was founded and even before that under the umbrella of Google. The latest quarterly figures have shown that the Alphabet companies will soon lose a billion dollars per quarter and thus put a heavy burden on the holding's profits. But this can pay off in the long term, because technologies and research areas are emerging in which a great deal can be achieved.

Alphabet still summarizes all companies besides Google as “Other bets” and has never given any insight into how much money the companies are burning or perhaps already converting. Without exception, all of them are still in the development phase, some in the research phase, but it is quite possible that one or the other will be at least partially self-sustaining with initial sales.

There is a lot of money to be made in the field of mobility, in which Alphabet is really excellently positioned, and in the field of health, but also extremely high spending on research. It is not for nothing that Alphabet calls all companies “bets”, because although you pump in a lot of money, it does not mean that it will pay off at some point. So far, however, at least none of the publicly known projects have had to be closed or discontinued.

But what's also nice about Alphabet is that the company has the serious motivation to make people's lives better. Of course you want to and have to earn money, but in a certain way you can also relieve the holding company of the good streak of making a big difference. Of course, things would look different without the Google money.

Alphabet's activities in the health sector are based on two companies that are researching in very different directions and have probably had different levels of success so far. We're talking about Verily and Calico, both of which were created under the umbrella of Google and started their first projects there. While very little is known about Calico because you basically only have one project, Verily is active in many areas.


Verily works on many products and medical devices that are designed to make it easier for people to cope with illness. I'm just copying a list from Wikipedia into what Verily has been working on in the past few years and in some cases has already brought products onto the market.

  • Development of comprehensive solutions that combine devices, software, medicine and professional care to enable simple and intelligent disease management for people with diabetes in a partnership with Sanofi.
  • A spoon for people who suffer from tremors.
  • The Baseline Study, a project to collect genetic, molecular, and wearable device information from enough people to get a picture of what a healthy person should be.
  • A health tracking bracelet.
  • A disease-detecting nanoparticle platform that works with the bracelet. A project called Tricorder.
  • Advances in Surgical Robotics, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.
  • Development and marketing of bioelectronic drugs in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline
  • Development of miniaturized continuously measuring glucose sensors (CGM) in cooperation with Dexcom
  • Contact lenses that enable people with diabetes to measure their blood sugar levels continuously and without impairment.
  • Smart shoes for health tracking and fall detection

As can be seen, many areas are already covered and the first successes have already been celebrated with the medical smartwatch and the blood sugar measuring contact lens. Some things fizzle out, but through the contact lens you can then move on to projects that allow you to predict heart disease with a simple eye scan.

In addition, Verily has been researching perfect health for some time and would like to redefine the optimal parameters and limit values ​​of all measurable values ​​in the human body.

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When Calico was founded in the form over four years ago, the goal was to be on eternal life to research or to research perfect health. The fact that this has been seriously set as a goal and, according to Wikipedia, has already invested more than half a billion dollars in this research, shows that one definitely believes in being able to achieve this or at least significantly increasing the theoretical age of people. It is not known what means and ways are used to do this.

Calico is pretty secretive, so it can only be speculated how the company works or what exactly is being researched. Is it about the healing of previously incurable diseases? Will the anti-cancer drug come from Alphabet at some point? Or do you stop or slow down the biological clock in order to stop the aging of all cells? In the imagination there are many possibilities, what it looks like in practice is another matter.

But one thing is certain: if Calico, as unrealistic as it may sound at the moment, finds the key to life, then Alphabet will hopefully have invested enough money in space travel beforehand to be able to live on foreign planets. Because in a few years it could be very uncomfortable ...

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