Why are good girls always cheated on

Study reveals: people with these characteristics are most likely to be betrayed by their partner

Can you have any idea whether your partner will cheat you in the future? Psychology says there are some signs that suggest that your partner is considering infidelity as a possibility, or even that he is already practicing it - but that is something that cannot be predicted or known before it happens, not true?

To cheat on is the worst betrayal of a partner (aside from, perhaps, secretly watching new episodes of the series you're watching together), but flinging is so common that research has tried to decipher as many facets of the phenomenon as possible: the frequency with which it happens, the characteristics of a relationship that can increase the likelihood of cheating, the types of infidelity that exist - and even the characteristics of people who, statistically and psychologically, are most likely to become "victims".

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Affair: who is at risk?

Studies traditionally focus more on the "perpetrators" than the "victims": on their motivations, their personality type and even on the most deceptive zodiac sign. But a new study from 2020, conducted by Meghna Mahambrey of Ohio State University, now focuses on the people who have been betrayed and answers the question: “Who is being fooled into in relationships?

Mahambrey wanted to know if there are certain aspects of a person's personality that make them more prone to being horned by their partners. In the study, the participants were asked how aptly they describe 26 different traits of the so-called "Big Five": openness (adventurous, curious, intelligent), conscientiousness (responsible, hardworking, organized), Extraversion (friendly, sociable), compatibility (loving, caring, understanding) and Neuroticism (bad mood, nervous).

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The researchers found that there are many things that come into play when it comes to cheating on the partner (personality, age, religion, etc ...) - but there is one personality type that is more likely to be infidelity partner suffers (which may be a reason for ending the relationship).

Infidelity: Inconsiderate people are more likely to be betrayed, but ...

After taking into account all factors, the study found that in the entire sample, those who less conscientious (i.e. more negligent, less hardworking and organized), more likely to have a partner who would cheat on them. But she also found that in the case of married people, those who nicer (warm and helpful) were more at risk of being cheated on by their partner.

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Risk of fling? If you have certain personality traits, you have to be careful!

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Psychologist Gary W. Lewandowski of The Psychology of Relationships states, “While it is generally desirable to be nice, in the context of cheating it is possible that a nicer partner encourages the cheater to do soby making him feel that he is more easily forgiven for his transgression. A low conscientiousness but can also cause problems. As the research shows, having an unreliable, immature, or lazy partner could add to the stress and conflict in dealing with everyday tasks such as paying bills, doing household chores, attending work events, personal commitments, and so on. Neither of these factors justifies cheating, but other research shows that when people described their partner as ruthless, they also complained of marital problems. "

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What is important in a relationship, according to the study

In the end, the study seems to confirm the importance of being kind and warm, but also being responsible and working on the relationship so that you don't run the risk of infidelity that could destroy everything. It is not impossible to forgive an infidelity, but it is better not to have to go through it in the first place!

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