Visit a library

The first visit to the library

class: 1./2. school year
aim: Getting to know the library, the lending modalities and locations of the media
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Bring along: completed registration cards

Even if many children already use the library privately, we offer library introductions for classes.
Our aim is to convey the joy of reading books, to promote orientation in the library and to make the lending modalities understandable.

We have developed various age-appropriate concepts for the first visit to the library. At the beginning, a question-and-answer game is used to collect what the individual children know about the library and how to use it. Afterwards, the students have the opportunity to explore the library independently and thus get to know the various locations of the media.
An important part of any introduction is the explanation and handling of the loan.

A picture book cinema can also be included in a library introduction.

In order to arrange the first visit to the library according to your wishes, please inform us in good time about the time frame that is available, which class level the library would like to visit, how big the class is and how many children already have a reading card. You are welcome to use the city library's contact form (on the right under "Contact").

Pre-registration is necessary. It is advisable to visit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays before 10 a.m. or on Thursdays until 1 p.m., as the library is closed during this time and the introduction can take place in peace. The library's event room can be used as a break room from time to time.
The time frame of the individual events can be set individually, but you should plan at least 45 minutes.

If you would like each child to receive their own free reading card during the introduction, we will be happy to send you the registration cards, which must be filled out by the parents. You can also take the registration cards with you when you visit the library or print them out at the bottom of this page under "Downloads".

After your first visit together, you are of course welcome to come to the library for a spontaneous visit with your class during opening hours. Or you can arrange an appointment with us outside of the opening times.