How useful is WebRTC for website development

What is WebRTC? How will 3CX use it to revolutionize communication?

WebRTC is a technology that is supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and enables communication between standard web browsers. This includes the exchange of audio and video as well as file transfer, whereby a simple, Java-based API is used. WebRTC enables users to hold audio and video conferencing without the need to install additional software or plugins.

The WebRTC standard is becoming increasingly important and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera fully support it. As expected, Microsoft is trying to establish its own standard. Apple is still undecided, but is expected to join the WebRTC movement in the foreseeable future. Even without Apple's support, the technology can still be used on Apple devices.

WebRTC is not an application but an API. Software providers like 3CX need to leverage this technology to make it useful for users. For example, there are already some basic services that impressively demonstrate the possibilities and functions. It is believed that Whatsapp is already using WebRTC for voice transmission between its users.

Obviously, WebRTC will achieve a similar meaning to communication as HTML does to information - to initiate a movement that will enrich communication and make it freely accessible for everyone.

Of course, 3CX has been following WebRTC technology since its inception and has already invested a lot in its development. For example, 3CX's WebRTC could be used to enable anyone connected to the Internet to make phone calls using their browser without having to install additional software. The offer of an anonymous service would also be conceivable. Thus, your customers could reach you free of charge with just one push of a button and be connected directly to the right contact person. Customer service and productivity would increase significantly.

But that is not all. Web and video conferencing could finally make the long-awaited breakthrough. The liberation from proprietary standards, the commitment to expensive hardware providers and oversized client software could finally lead to the goal for which such technologies were originally intended - to revolutionize communication. This corresponds exactly to the 3CX vision. Expect to find out more from us regarding WebRTC in the near future!