Instagram hashtags are going out of trend

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"The algorithm has already changed again!" "Today hashtags are no longer worth anything!"

There are now an incredible number of rumors about hashtags circulating on the internet. In this post, I want to clear that up and give you a clear understanding of how relevant Hashtags for your Account building and how to best use them.

Are you a beginner? Then here are a few basic questions and answers!

What are hashtags?

You can imagine hashtags how Categoriesthat you give to your pictures posted on Instagram. If you upload a picture of a milkshake, obvious categories / hashtags would be e.g. #milchshake #foodporn or #recipe. About the Hashtag search Your post can be found on Instagram under the assigned categories.

Why should you use hashtags?

Hashtags tell the Instgram user (and above all the algorithm) what your post is about. In this way you can influence that your post is shown to exactly those people who are interested in these hashtags / categories.

How do you assign hashtags?

You can easily have hashtags in your normal post text write (usually and recommended at the very end). Every word that is preceded by a diamond (#) is automatically recognized as a hashtag by Instagram.

How many hashtags should I use?

20 hashtags are a good one Guideline. Pick a few hashtags with a very large reach, a few with a medium reach, and a few very small niche hashtags.

The correct use of hashtags on Instagram

Don't worry: you can't go wrong with using hashtags! I have a few here basic tips for you, whom I strongly recommend to you:

  • Don't always use the same hashtags. Try something different to see how it changes your range. Over time you will find a hashtag combination that works optimally for you!
  • Don't use spam hashtags like # follow4follow. These hashtags are only designed to generate "dead" followers. The disadvantage: the followers will most likely never interact with your content, will soon de-subscribe to your page again and only draw the attention of other spam accounts to your channel.
  • Don't write the hashtags in the middle of the text. It's totally difficult to #read when #hashtags suddenly appear in the middle of #text. This is really #nobody # fun. Write the hashtags together at the end of your posting!

Different types of hashtags

Basically, every word can be a hashtag. Nevertheless, certain categories crystallize out again and again, which I would like to briefly introduce to you here:

Category # 1 - Trending Hashtags

There are hashtags for which it was difficult to find content for years - and suddenly the number of uses shoots up! One reason for this can be that one or more channels are called up to use this hashtag.

It is also common for new challenges, such as the #icebucketchallenge a few years ago.
In order not to miss a trend hashtag that could also be suitable for your own niche, it is worth keeping an eye on the hashtag selection of larger channels.

Category # 2 - Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags are hashtags that are only used in a very small special area. Although only a few people use and see them, it can still make sense for you to use them.

Because if you have a very specific topic yourself, you most likely also have a very sharp target group. You can optimally achieve this with your niche hashtag. This can be relevant in the health sector, for example: e.g. #multiplesclerosis.

Category # 3 - Event hashtags

Event-related hashtags such as # esc2020 are often used at large events such as a football championship, the European Song Contest or a festival. These are only relevant for a certain period of time, but make a lot of sense if you post something in this context and want to be found on the platform by other visitors or viewers, for example.

How do you find the best hashtags for your account?

Step 1: research

Look at you Contributions from other accounts to similar niches. Which hashtags are used most often? Write them down on a list.

You can also use the hashtag search to start with a hashtag, e.g. #milchshake, and then check which hashtags are used particularly frequently together with precisely that one. Instagram will also give you a few yourself when you search for a hashtag Suggestions of suitable categories give.

Step 2: selection

Choose about 20 matching hashtags for your first postings. Pay attention to one mixture of hashtags that are used very often to very rarely.

Step 3: try it out

For example, use one every week slightly different combination on hashtags and then check the generated reach. This is a great way to find out which hashtags work best for your content.

Is there an Instagram hashtag strategy for many likes?

Yes and no. With the hashtags you cannot directly influence how many likes you will get, but you can definitely influence yours Optimize reach. And the higher your reach, the more likely it is of course that you will receive a lot of likes.

Very important: From Spam hashtags like # follow4follow I advise against you. Although they bring you short-term likes and followers, they are not a sustainable, effective strategy, as the followers quickly churn, only draw the attention of other spam accounts to your channel and rarely really interact with your posts. Such "dead" followers do not bring you anything in the long run!

Conclusion and summary

Hashtags are still incredibly relevant today. If you want to grow with your account, it is very important that you use the right hashtags so that they can be correctly classified and displayed by the Instagram algorithm.

It is important that you give yourself time to research and try out different hashtag combinations. So over time you will find the optimal variant for you!

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