What are the top 10 crime novels books

Best list of crime novels / thrillers - 50 book tips

Exciting crime novels with syndicates, detectives and police work inspire. Here we not only show good crime novels and good thrillers, but the best. The leaderboard is based on the ratings of our community and shows their recommendations in this genre.

The book collection is based on the knowledge of readers. Books for which at least 3 readers have spoken out count as book tips.


  1. Published by Heyne

  2. Publisher: Blanvalet

  3. Publisher: Blanvalet

  4. Publisher: Goldmann

  5. Publisher: Blanvalet

  6. Published by Ullstein Taschenbuch

  7. Publisher: Blanvalet

  8. Published by Ullstein Taschenbuch

  9. Publisher: Blanvalet

  10. Publisher: Kein & Aber