What do you think of real love

True love: the ultimate proof of existence!

True love ... for me no other expression was as important in my life as this one.

I really dealt very intensively with the questions:

  • What is true love?
  • Where will I find true love?
  • Does it really exist or is it just a dream?

Nothing in life is ideal and reality is usually a hard blow to one's goals and dreams.

Love is a very fragile idea and requires more work than one would like to admit.

In this article I want to answer the question of whether true love really does exist and I will provide you with the ultimate proof of existence that absolutely does not look like a sugar-sweet Hollywood film!

This article will be a real community project, but more on that in a moment!

Have fun!

What is true love?

Before one deals with the question of how do I find true love or have I already found it, it is necessary that we define what it should look like at all.

The most important thing in advance: I cannot describe to you 100% what true love looks like, because for you it will appear very different in some points than for me.

Let us try to investigate the question together and fill the description of true love with personal experience.

I'll start and if you want to add something or consider it to be total nonsense, please write me a comment and I will always keep the article up to date according to your ideas.I look forward to it!

1. Your world is upside down

The difference between having a crush and being in love has always shown for me in how suddenly my everyday life has changed.

If I just found a guy interesting or had an office crush it was a nice change, but it didn't affect my everyday life.

In true love, nothing is the same as it was before.

You can't even pour yourself a coffee in the morning without your mind wandering and being careful not to spill anything.

Your heart beats faster and your head can no longer distract itself at all, no matter how hard you try.

2. You no longer have eyes for other men

I maintain that we women can judge quite well when a man likes us and when he doesn't.

For my part, I loved to flirt and keep my eyes peeled for potential candidates. I mean, the more compliments you get from guys, the better it is, right?

When you find true love, you don't think about anyone else for a second. All of the men around you are completely indifferent to you from one moment to the next.

You don't even notice them anymore and you totally lose the feeling for whether someone is trying to hit you or not.

For you there is only one and that's a good thing.


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3. You annoy your friends with stories about him

There is simply no other topic than your dream man.

You tell every story, no matter how small, with him. From the day you met to every text he writes to you.

You want to share everything with your loved ones. You are so euphoric with happiness that you use this valve to just take a little breath.

In addition, you are probably worried that you will do something wrong and that your dream man won't decide for you afterwards.

To prevent this, of course, your friends have to stand by your side!

The ultimate proof of existence

I still owe you one thing before you get on with your comment.

What is the ultimate proof that true love really does now look like?

At the risk of it sounding too simple to you: My ultimate proof of existence for true love is the moment I write this article, next to me on our sofa.

The answer to the question is that there is no evidence until you experience it.

No beautiful prince on a white horse comes and picks you up to ride together in his castle at sunset. How many castles and horses should there be for that ...

As I wrote at the beginning, love is a difficult construct. She is full of pain and disappointment.

And don't believe, when you've finally found your dream man, that work will stop and you will continue to live in a cotton candy dream until the end of your life.

True love is not something you fish off the shelf in the supermarket.


I wish that you find your dream man, but even if you have already taken this step, how your relationship will look is up to you.

My true love is work every day.

Everyone finds their true love because it depends on what you make of a relationship and the dream man. I wish you all the luck in the world!

With this article I want to tell you about my experiences and I hope you enjoyed my contribution.

And now it is your turn!

Now write your feelings in the comments when you were really in love and found true love! I look forward to your opinion.

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