How do I get super fit

Bikini figure? The TOP 10 sports to get fit

The annoying topic again every spring: summer is approaching and with it the bikini figure problem. Over the long, cold winter, one or the other had small pockets of fat. You are now showing yourself to be particularly persistent in the fight against winter fat ... No reason to panic! Because in order to get fit for the summer season, the following sports can achieve effective results for the bikini figure. Exercise is exhausting, but it also releases a lot of good mood hormones. The result: a relaxed mood and a more balanced body feeling!

to jog

The undisputed number one in terms of calorie consumption is the most traditional of all figure sports: jogging. Running (in addition to building muscle and strengthening the cardiovascular system) can also trigger liberating feelings. By moving the body in the fresh air, everyday stress and problems are simply shaken off and new energies are released. The big advantage: You can jog anywhere and anytime! Read our article about thisRunning - 7 ways to success.

+ no special equipment required
+ Can be carried out at any time and from any location
Still, a motivating outfit can't hurt 😉

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Inline skating

If you want to exercise in the fresh air and like to feel the wind in your hair, you can go inline skating - an effective alternative to conventional jogging! Fun factor: the increased speed and the movement sequence combined from different sports (ice skating, skiing). Again, be special Stomach, legs and buttocks streamlined.

+ Nature sports
Equipment necessary
difficulty: to discover suitable routes

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Moving training to the swimming pool can be particularly profitable for water rats. Great synergy effects can be achieved here: Weight is reduced and muscles are built up even with little expenditure of time. Because basically be in the water mobilizes all muscle groupswithout putting excessive strain on joints, ligaments and tendons. The water resistance also has a skin-tightening effect.

+ no special equipment required
+ gentle on the joints

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Spinning is a group sport and also one of the especially sweaty kind. Most spinning takes place in the fitness studio under the guidance of a spinning instructor. He gives instructions to loud music and the rhythm. The motivation through music and an instructor can release undreamt-of strength and that is precisely why spinning is also a popular fitness sport.

+ Motivation through music, instructor and spinning group
Binding to course times and fitness studio

Yoga / Pilates

A well-known movement method is experiencing a new upswing: Pilates. It describes a form of sport in which motifs of yoga (stretching and concentration with muscle tension exercises and endurance training) are combined. The strengthens breathing and posture. Problem areas such as abdominal, leg and buttock muscles are included in the program.

+ no special equipment required
+ Success in everyday life: Reduction of tension and increased ability to concentrate


Freeletics is a new form of training that is not only time-saving and super effective, but also does not require any training equipment. So your own body is all you need! The creators of the trend promise that you can get super fit and slim with a 15-week training plan. In general, Freeletics is a mixture of workouts, exercises and runs. Workouts are compilations of exercises that have to be performed in a given order and number. Read our Freeletics smartphone app check.

+ no training equipment necessary
+ can be practiced anywhere and anytime, including at home

Volleyball / beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is very popular as a team sport in spring and summer. Here the fun factor is at a particularly high level due to the team spirit and the battle for points. Since beach volleyball is usually played outdoors in the sun, it is particularly sweaty and therefore has a lot to offer detoxifying effect. The movements in the sand on uneven ground also promote the Support muscles of the body.

+ Nature sports
+ Team spirit
Beach volleyball court or net necessary

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Kickboxing forms a unique combination of sport and fitness training that makes that Connective tissue tightens and the Steels muscles. Kickboxing is optically similar to traditional boxing, but it is also similar to savate or muay thai. In addition to training your balance, kickboxing can also promote flexibility and endurance. Also, the sport can be used as a form of Self defense serve that strengthens self-confidence.

+ Full body workout
+ Boost self-confidence

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Fitness / home workouts

Fitness and workouts, while not in the list above, are absolute Fat killers and bring you to the bikini figure too. There are various workouts to make your muscles really glow.
A particularly good workout for slim legs is the skinny jeans workout with which you can bring your legs into summer shape. The same applies to the vibrating rod workout, which includes the legs as well as the Po trained. The only thing missing is exercises for a flat stomach, for a nice cleavage and firm chest or for the toughest among you, the athletic workout, in which you really boost your fat burning.

The spring can come! And with him the optimal bikini figure 🙂 ...

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