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RANDOM AREA (function)

This article discusses the formula syntax and usage of the RANDOM AREA described in Microsoft Excel.


Returns a random integer from the specified range. Each time the worksheet is recalculated, a new whole random number is output.


RANDOM AREA (lower_number; upper_number)

The RANDOM function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Lower_number Required. The smallest integer that RAND can return as a result.

  • Upper_number Required. The largest integer that RAND can return as a result.


Copy and paste the sample data in the following table into cell A1 of a new Excel worksheet. To see the results of the formulas, highlight them, press F2, and then press ENTER. If necessary, you can adjust the width of the columns so that all data is displayed.




= RANDOM AREA (1; 100)

(Varying) random number between 1 and 100


= RANDOM RANGE (-1; 1)

(Varying) random number between -1 and 1


Note: When a worksheet is recalculated because a formula or data has been entered in a different cell, or because it is recalculated manually (after pressing F9), a new random number is generated for each formula in which the RANDOM function is used.