Jeunesse is a scam

Jeunesse Global - Snowball or legitimate money with partially patented products?


Welcome to the blog, here today I am writing about everything possible about the company Jeunesse Global. Before I start, I would like to inform you that I am neither a customer nor a sales partner of the company.

In other words, I am offering you a non-biased review of Jeunesse Global, which sets me apart from the biased distributor sites. I will first go into the company, the products and the earning potential, which I will end with a conclusion. After reading it, make the right decision for you ...

Find out in this Jeunesse Global Experience article whether it is a legitimate business or a pyramid scheme / scam.

Jeunesse Global Experience - The Company

The website:

Randy Ray & Wandy Lewis had already had tremendous success with other direct selling companies when they interrupted their retirement on 09/09/2009.

The company was founded on September 9th, 2009 at 9pm by Randy Ray and Wendy Levis. The 9 is no coincidence, it represents longevity, "not only reflects the founders' desire to survive, but also to flourish." (Quote from our story)

US headquarters is

Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC
701 International Parkway Lake Mary, Florida 32746

United States

The company has subsidiaries in various countries.

The company has a reputable, modern website with information on the history of Jeunesse.

INDUSTRY INNOVATORS named Randy Ray, Wendy Levis and Scott Lewis.

According to the company, it sells “revolutionary rejuvenation products” because the makers of Jeunesse really wanted to share them with the world, so Randy and Wende founded the direct sales company Jeunesse.

The company is active in over 135 countries and will have a turnover of around 2 billion dollars worldwide in 2016 (previous year: 1.1 billion dollars).

Let's get to the products.

Jeunesse Global experiences - products

The product range extends from cosmetics with stem cell technology (LUMINESCE products, INSTANTLY AGELESS), nutrition to energy drinks with a peach-mango or lemon-ginger flavor.

The “Luminesce” cosmetics are of course particularly popular because they really stand out from other cosmetics.

I was also very skeptical at first, many months ago I saw a promotional video ... so in order to write a fair review, I took a closer look at the products.

In order to get experience reports on the Luminesce products from non-sales partners as far as possible, I looked around, I don't know whether some of the reviews are not also from sales partners or whether they are only customers of Amazon, but all in all it is obvious most customers very satisfied.

The company describes this product line as the best skin care product in the world. I haven't tried it, however either no Found negative reviews of the product, Amazon customers are satisfied, it definitely seems to be a good product line. The products are all vegan (and cruelty free), which I think is very good.

Some of the products are even patented.

Here is a live demo of the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless ™ product

Jeunesse Global - 6 ways of income in the binary system marketing plan

There are a total of 6 income paths at Jeunesse Global, in addition, partners can qualify for travel and extra rewards and free products.

  1. Selling at a profit: As a partner of Jeunesse you can purchase the products at the purchase price and sell them at the customary price or you can lead your customers directly to the shop. The profit margin for you is 40-60%.
  2. New customer acquisition bonus: If you sponsor a partner and they buy a product package, you will receive a direct bonus of $ 25-300.
  3. Team commission: The company chose a binary marketing plan. You will receive points below you on two pages down to the unlimited depth, see video.
  4. Matching Bonus: For sponsored partners from the first level you get a share of the turnover of 20%, in level 2 15% and level 3 partners 10%. In levels 4 to 7 5%.
  5. Activity bonus: If you have at least 5 partners, your share in sales increases to 25%, with 10 partners even up to 30%.
  6. Diamond pool: If you reach the rank of "Diamond" you will also participate in the diamond pool. Here, 2% of the company's worldwide sales are split between all diamonds.

What does it cost to get started?

Entry costs € 29.62 for the whole year, but you also get a personalized homepage with which you can sponsor partners as well as sell to end customers. Whether it makes sense to take the smallest package is another question.

Is Jeunesse Global a scam or a pyramid scheme?

There are many dubious companies operating under the guise of the MLM marketing plan, but Jeunesse Global is definitely neither dubious / scam nor even remotely a pyramid scheme.

The company has existed for over 4 years.

The problem why people fail in a network marketing company is the wrong mindset. They think they will get rich overnight, but in the network, as elsewhere, it is not without work.

Jeunesse Global Experience - Conclusion

A good company that has low entry barriers, you can become a partner of Jeunesse Global for as little as 25.46 euros and you already receive a personalized homepage with an integrated online shop, with which you can immediately sponsor (register new partners) or products in over 130 countries Customers can sell. These are low entry costs, so it is not only interesting for network professionals, but I also see realistic chances that popular beauty YouTube channels & bloggers can earn money with it.

I myself have my focus on online marketing and scalable online businesses, so I am not a partner of Jeunesse.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

What do you think of Jeunesse Global?

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