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Feverishly refining the Spielberg concept

"The screening, testing and restrictions are going to be pretty draconian, but if it allows the sport to restart it could be a plan for more tracks," Horner said in an interview with Autosport.com. Only in this way could the planned double event work on two consecutive weekends at the Red Bull Ring.

Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) had previously announced that the government would only allow races under "strict, strict conditions" - and of course only in front of empty ranks. "I think that goes without saying in the situation, without a mass audience," said the minister.

F1 hopes for the start of the season in Spielberg

The Formula 1 season is to open in Spielberg in two months. Those in charge are very confident that the World Cup can start in Austria.

"Situation still dynamic"

Another important measure, according to Horner, would be to form groups of less than 80 people in a team, each of whom live in the same hotel, travel together and cannot come into contact with other racing teams. "With these measures you could protect the pilots and create the necessary precautions for the hosts of the races," said the Briton. In addition to the smaller paddock, there would logically not be any visits by VIPs, for example.

The German McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl said in an interview broadcast in several German TV stations that he is "in close coordination with the other teams and Formula 1 to work out a detailed concept of how we will do this racing weekend, or this racing week, would drive in Austria ”. Seidl also pointed out the hurdles that would have to be overcome before the new start.

“Of course, we all have to first see how we get out of our home countries and back in after such a week of racing,” explained Seidl. “The whole situation is still very dynamic and can change every day.” Seven of the ten racing teams have their factories in England. Ferrari and AlphaTauri have headquarters in Italy, Alfa-Romeo-Sauber has its headquarters in Switzerland.

Formula 1 in Spielberg: Opponents are forming

No special role for Formula 1

In any case, Red Bull team boss Horner is confident that at least a few races will take place this year. “We're a racing team and we need a championship. It is unimaginable not to drive any races this year, and I think it would be very unlikely that there will be no event or that there will be no world championship ”, emphasized the team boss of the Austro-British racing team.

According to Seidl, the Formula 1 season must not be pushed through at the expense of general health. The racing circuit must not play a special role in tests either. "It will be important that we only go through this race week if it is certain that there are enough tests in the individual countries, enough equipment to protect and care for the population first," said the 44-year-old. "It would not be responsible if we burned health material and resources here and at the same time the supply for the population in the country is not yet guaranteed."